Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ivy and The Teachers (Belgium, 1980)

I've seen 2 7"s from this band appearing on eBay over the past year or so. This is the LP (released only in Germany?) that seems to turn up less often. Tracks from both 7"s (Once Burnt, Twice Learnt / Angry Faces and My Life / No More Plans) are included on the LP. Likely the same versions but I don't have the 7"s to compare. Both the label and the record jacket list the song "Suburban Love" as track #3 on the A side, but it isn't on the record. In any case, the LP has 11 tracks of pleasant pop / powerpop with touches of ska. Ludo Mariman from The Kids helps out with vocals.

Ivy and The Teachers - s/t LP (That's All Right / Candy / Suburban Love (not on the record) / Once Burnt, Twice Learnt / The Beach / Nervous // Just Wanna Dance / My Life / Hotel Maxi / Down To Zero / Angry Faces / No More Plans) (X Records 6.24726 AP, 1980)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

South Africa collection (1980 - 1984)

Back to South Africa now for a collection of 7" and miscellaneous tracks.

First up, The Aeroplanes with "Sally". This is from an old tape of various South African bands I got years ago. The date given for this one was 1984 but I'm not sure about that.

The Asylum Kids released one 7" and 2 LP's. I also have an official WEA cassette release that contains both of their LPs. The 7" (Schoolboy / It's All Upside Down) is included here. Both LPs are available on CD.

Dog Detachment released their first EP under the name Dog (Why? // In The City / Born Free) in 1980 followed by a 7" (Machines / Third World War) in 1981. A further 7" and several LPs followed starting in 1983. The first 2 7"s are included in this collection. A compilation of various tracks is available on CD.

The Gay Marines are related to Wild Youth. The track "Bitch" is all I have and the date I have for it is 1981.

No Exit is another one I know nothing about. These 2 songs are dated 1983. I was told they released a cassette but I have never seen or heard it but I would really like to!

Peach released 2 7"s  (A Lot Of Things / Flesh 'n Steel and Nightmare / Return To Sender) and an LP in 1981. I've included the 2 7"s and if you want to hear more the LP and a bonus track are available on CD.

Pop Guns released a 7" in either 1980 or 1981 I think. I don't have it. All I have is one song "Home Address: A Burning Road" from my old cassette compilation.  I would like to hear more if anyone has anything.

To finish up, a track called "Inside My Head" from The Squad. I have no info, not even the year.

If you want more from the Asylum Kids, Dog Detachment, Peach or other 1980's South African bands then go here and buy something.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Underdog (UK, 1979)

I guess this one falls into the hard rock or maybe NWOBHM category. Not sure since I'm not really at all familiar with that genre. A Google search turned up a recent eBay auction where it was described as "a great fast rocker with excellent vocals and fast-fluid guitar playing" and a couple of discussion threads about how rare the record was. I don't mind it but I don't think I'd pay upwards of £500 for it.

Underdog - Life At 21 / Blue Water, White Death 7" (Dog Rock DR01/DR02, 1979)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gents (South Africa, 1980)

Staying with South Africa we have a 7" from the Gents. They also released an LP in 1982. More info here, where I borrowed the 7" sleeve scan from.

Gents - School Kids / 1917 7" (RPM 00548, 1980)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

V/A - Six Of The Best LP (South Africa, 1979)

This LP is notable mostly for the 2 Wild Youth tracks. This is from a noisy vinyl copy I taped years ago. Other than the Wild Youth tracks there isn't anything particularly punk although a few of them are interesting. More Wild Youth here.

V/A - Six Of The Best LP (WEA WIL 7000, 1979)
Wild Youth - Record Companies
Leopard - Underestimator
Safari Suits - I Know What I Like
Bill Flynn - Inside I'm Cryin'
Corporal Punishment - Victim's Victim
Leopard - Boys And Bitches
Roger Lucey - I Don't Want Your Guillotine
Safari Suits - A South African In Paris
Corporal Punishment - Goddess Of Depression
Wild Youth - All Messed Up

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rude Norton (Canada, 1980)

Classic Canadian "fuck band" with covers of the Gilligan's Island and Green Acres theme songs among others. "Tits On The Beach" appeared on the Killed By Death #7 compilation LP. I'm not sure why, other than at the time the record happened to be on the want list of the guy who did #5 and #6. Recorded in 1979, 500 copies released in 1980. It shows up on eBay somewhat regularly usually selling in the $150-200+ range. There is also a Rude Norton song on each of the Bud Luxford compilation LPs that I may post one of these years.

Rude Norton - s/t EP (Sea Cruise / Gilligan's Island / Green Acres // The Israelites / Tits On The Beach) (Rogelletti RN 45-1/RR002, 1980)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yocki (Belgium, 1980)

Today's final post is from Belgium and has a sound similar to other Belgian novelty punk/wave acts like Plastichke, Bobby Ranger, etc although 1980 may be a bit late for the trend. The back of the cover has an address in Liege for the Yocki fan club. I wonder how many letters were about those pants?

It may be longer than usual before I post again since I have some recording projects that I need to get started on. I'll try and be back soon with a few things from South Africa and maybe a British rarity or two. 

Yocki - 10 heures du matin / Bobby 7" (Fly F. 20.744, 1980)

Disorder (Holland, 1981)

Lo-fi punk from the Dutch town of Ijsselstein.

Disorder - Fake Heads EP (Balance Of Power / Grey Is The Colour / Civilization // Glass Eye Threat / Just Another Picture / Fake Heads) (Disorder-001, 1981)

The Pop (Sweden, 1979)

Another Swedish unknown, likely from the late 1970's. The year 1977 is on the cover but I don't know if that is the year of the record or related to the Haninge Hockey Club. I'm thinking the recordings maybe be more likely 1979 or 1980 but that's just a guess. The B side, Haninge! Haninge! seems to be a song about the lads' favorite hockey club.

The Pop - Anna / Haninge! Haninge! 7" (Zeaphone ZEAS 3007, 1979)

Ch. Öfwerström Band (Sweden, 1980)

I don't know anything about this one. Google turned up nothing except recent auctions on Huuto and Tradera. If you're interested in it, it looks like it shouldn't cost you more than a Euro or two ... if you can find it. Nothing amazing, just something obscure.
[June 2014 update - thanks to the internet I have discovered this thing did come with a picture sleeve]

Ch. Öfwerström Band  - Here I Am / We All Fall Down 7" (Swedish Music Production SMPS 801-2, 1980)

Broken Silence (Canada, 1984)

This one has already been posted a while back over at the Vinyl Obscurity blog but I thought I'd post it again anyway. Synthy new wave from Toronto that sort of reminds me of Depeche Mode maybe. Catchy stuff. If you're into 80s synth / wave / pop there's plenty over at Vinyl Obscurity for you to check out.

Broken Silence - Nightstalking / Through The Glass 7" (Apperception apr 001, 1984)

Revolt (Sweden, 1982)

Here is a long-outstanding request, the 12" EP from Revolt released in 1982. Prior to this they released a split EP with Skälby-Örjans in 1981 that is more punk sounding than this release.

Revolt - Vår Blotta Existens ... 12" EP (Vik Hädan! Var Hälsad! / Vem Har Gett Som Rätten! / Stackarn / Tommy Boy // Desperat Svensk / Fritt Spelrum / Du Skola Betala För Ditt Liv! / Målet …) (no label, matrix #BNP-002, 1982)

Stormakt Gul (Sweden, 1980)

Powerpop/ska from Sweden. They also released a 12" EP in 1981.

Stormakt Gul - Tre minuters underhållning / Pendeltåg till helvetet // Hjärndöd / Dödshjälp EP (Slick 13, 1980)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Cut In Destiny (Canada, 1976)

Another hard rocker that I couldn't find anything about. This one is likely from the US, maybe Canada. Google was no help.

[Info kindly provided by the producer of the record: I managed A Cut In Destiny during the 1970's. The band was Gary Lima, Dino Lima, Hayden Vialva(Juno Award winning Drummer) and Elton 'Groovy' Hull on Vocals. Orange records was my label based in the Kitchener Waterloo area in Ontario Canada. The record was produced by myself (Lewis Coulson) and the band and engineered by Daniel Lanois.]

A Cut In Destiny - Cruel Woman / You Don't Really Care 7" (Orange LC 1322, 1976)

Shattered (Canada, 1982?)

Moving into hard rock territory for a few minutes, here is an unknown hard rocker from Grand Bend, Ontario. When it appeared on eBay a year or so ago it was described as a "Killer rare proto-metal/hard rock ripper from Ontario ... ". The SH 82-1 catalog number may indicate a 1982 release date.

Shattered - The Way It Is / No Slow Song 7" (Shattered SH 82-1, 1982?)

Tickets (Canada, 1980)

There were several bands called The Tickets that existed around 1979-1980. Ones that immediately come to mind were from England and Switzerland. France had one called Ticket. This one appears to be from Calgary, Alberta and this 4 song rock/powerpop EP was likely their only release.

Tickets - Extended Play 7" EP (Hey Geraldine / Cutting Out // It Don't Matter / Dry Ice) (Box Office DWM - 4507, 1980)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mania (Canada, 1988?)

This one is totally new to me. It is from Toronto. There is no date on it but from the label number (8801) I'm going to guess 1988. Usually I don't pay much attention to most things from that era but the name and cover photo caught my interest. The songs are pleasant pop tunes but from the name and the cover photo I was expecting something with maybe a bit more energy.

Mania - In Your Eyes / My First Love 7" (Delca SDC-8801, 1988?)

Numberz (Canada, 1981)

I've been looking for the Numberz record for years, ever since I saw it listed on eBay as (of course) "powerpop". I finally found a copy and needless to say, it isn't. At least it didn't cost me much to find out. The A side is tolerable and the less said about the B side the better. For anyone looking for it because you saw it on my wanted list, you may wish to reconsider.

Numberz - Gimme Cash / Discharmonic Dance 7" (Premiere PR. 1000, 1981)

Other Guys (Canada, 1982)

After a little vacation I'm back with some Canadian obscurities. First up is a 10" EP of powerpop/rock from The Other Guys who appear to be from the Toronto area. Sealed copies have been selling on eBay this year in the $30-70 price range.

Other Guys - s/t 10" EP (Hollywood Queen / Cindy / Lonely Other Guys // High School Girls / Ordinary Man / (Bloody) Lies) (Night Sound NSP 1003, 1982)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tømrerclaus & Boline Erfurt (Denmark, 1979)

Hippie punk novelty? Interesting title for the A side but I think I almost prefer the non-punk B side. Both Tømrerclaus & Boline Erfurt released various other non-punk records. No year is listed on the record or sleeve but the internet consensus seems to be 1979.

Tømrerclaus & Boline Erfurt - Punk Them Into Shit / Neon Lights 7" (Karma KMS 1, 1979)

Chromotones (USA, 198?)

Something from somewhere in the USA that I know nothing about. Another one from that big "power pop" black hole.

Chromotones - Girl On The Radio / Fashions Of The 80's 7" (Agla V-49536, 198?)

Acrobats (Germany, 1982)

The A side of this one was described as "good powerpop" when it was listed on eBay. I'm not so sure about that but then we all know how accurate eBay descriptions can be. If you do like it, it probably won't cost you much when you do find it.

Acrobats - Hunting A Dream / Wonderin' 7" (Acrobats, Best.-Nr. 180659, 1982)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Boys (Australia, 1982)

Not the Boys from Perth, Australia that released several singles and an LP on the Parole label, this outfit were from Adelaide. At least that's where it was recorded. No year on the record and no sleeve with my copy (if ever there was one) but maybe from 1982?

Thus ends today's pop/powerpop posting.

Boys - Who Was That? / I Don't Wanna Go 7" (EMI Custom 13056, 1982)

Normandy Invasion (USA, 1981)

Obscure pop from Omaha, Nebraska. Only 100 copies pressed apparently. Never issued with a picture sleeve. They have an earlier EP that is supposed to have more of a punkier sound but I don't have it.

Normandy Invasion - Can't Forget You / Won't Give Up 7" (Herblore UR 2746, 1981)

Novels (Canada, 1980)

A nice powerpop obscurity from Vancouver that doesn't turn up too often. A couple copies have sold on eBay recently in the $150 - 200 range.

Novels - I'm Being Followed / Son Of Sam 7" (Novelty NO 004, 1980)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Basta (Belgium, 1977)

The third and final post for today is an obscure record from Belgium by a left wing political band from Gent. The back of the sleeve has a pro-abortion text and inside there are addresses for women's shelters and clinics throughout Belgium. The A side has appeared on the Killed By Death #24 LP.

Basta - Abortus vrij, de vrouw beslist / Kom op zusters 7" (Agitat AG 439, 1977)

The Mix (Canada, 1985)

The Mix, from Nanaimo, British Columbia, released just this four song EP in 1985. A few years outside my main period of interest, it has been described as an "absolute killer mod/punk single". I don't know if I'd go that far but it is certainly a worthwhile record. Copies on eBay have sold for almost $200 in the past with more recent auctions more around the $75 mark. It comes with a nice sleeve and insert.

The Mix - Break Up Shake Up EP (Maybe (Face To The Wall) / 3 Acts Of Love // Look To The Other Side / Break Up/Shake Up) (Zoinks Records, 1985)

The Gas (Canada, 1979)

I've posted the songs from this one before but I've decided to dedicate a post to it. Not because it is musically great but because I recently discovered that it was released with 2 different sleeves.

Inspired by the 1979 Mississauga train derailment and subsequent evacuation it seems to be more of a novelty record than something done by a regular band. Neither of the 2 versions I have has a date but it would presumably be from late 1979 or early 1980 in order to quickly cash in on the event.

I have no idea if both sleeves were done at the same time. Perhaps the more topical "Evacuate Mississauga" one was done first and then the "Special This Week" came later once the event had passed and there were unsold records. As far as I can tell the 2 records are identical (matrix numbers are C-301-A-1A-2HDZ / C-301-B-1A-2HZ:). The label number is P.W.K.R. C-301 while the back of the sleeve lists Bomb 5020.

I've heard as few as 100 or 200 were pressed but I have no definite number. With 2 different sleeves I would have expected a larger number. It does seem to be a fairly scarce item these days though.

Gas - Evacuate / Special This Week 7" (P.W.K.R. C-301 / Bomb 5020, 1979?)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fraudulent - Di-Lem-ma LP (Finland, 1982)

Still in Finland, here is an LP with a more standard pop/rock/powerpop sound compared to what I've posted recently. I think some of the songs are catchy and enjoyable. All except one are sung in Swedish.

Fraudulent - Di-Lem-Ma LP (Kompass KOLP-42, 1982)
(Idyllisk busslåt / Agnes / Einars spadpåsar / Tröst i mörkret / Comin' Home To You / Wiljo // Tomma ord / Älskling, slemma ner mig / Tryckarvisan / Hotel aston / Till kollektivet / Gunnar spinner råg)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

V/A - Hede-Levy LP (Finland, 1981)

While we're on the subject on obscure Finnish releases here's an LP that I haven't seen around very often. It's from 1981 and that's all I know about it. Side 1 is mostly punkish songs and some of the recordings give a new meaning to the term "lo-fi". A couple of them sound like they were recorded with the singer in a room down the hall and the band playing in a basement 2 blocks away. Side B is a mostly spoken word piece. I have no idea what is being talked about. The photo is from

V/A - Hede-Levy LP (HeLP-1, 1981)
Akisisters - Jos maailmansota syttyy
R.A.H. - Jehova!
Höyste - Mustan puolikuun mafia
Greaseheads - South Gonna Rise Again
Tenavatuokio - Rahamiehet
Uusi Laine - Isot pojat
Nivelreuma - Valheita
Rash - Kaivola (a.k.a. Paavola)
The Huhgubs Jazz-Band - Mies ja valkovuokko

Obscure Finland v1 - Part 2 (1978 - 1983)

OK, due to popular demand (well, several requests) here are the rest of the songs from the records that were included in the previous post. I'm surprised anyone would like or care about most of these. Now you can decide if I chose the best tracks for the original post.

Note that the Taavi ja Rytmiryhmä track "Kuolleet ovat kauniita" isn't complete. My copy has a nasty gouge near the end of the song that is unplayable so the recording ends early.

More info and photos of many of these are at

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Obscure Finland v1 (1978 - 1983)

Not so much time for leisure activities lately. I've been slowly recording some rare/obscure Finnish things for someone so here is a sampling. For more info on many of these and pictures check out

Aapeli Kissala Antipatia - Pikadon (1981)
Billy Boys - Mystery Train -84 (1983)
Bloody Mary - Fuckin' (1980)
Juliet Jonesin Sydän - Surkea tarina (1983)
Kissa - Mä en haluu (Ajaa panssaria) (1980)
Lola Ego - Eedenistä itään + Kaikki nuoret modit (1980) A side was on Powerpearls Vol. 9.
Mäds - Tiina ottaa eron (1981)
Mekaaniset Kakut - Mä voin kertoa sulle (1981)
Model - Soitan kitaraa (1979)
Pera & The Dogs - Man, Are You Hungry (1979)
Rappio - Kaupungin kaunein (1983)
R-Polkupyöräytetty - Monark (1980) More here.
Sari - Puol' enkeli (1979) From split EP with Yhtye.
Yhtye - Pyöveli (1979) From split EP with Sari.
Yhtye - Kilon pala (1979) Same as above.
Sidi & Hermottomat - Arkipäivä (1980)
Taavi ja Rytmiryhmä - Joulun lähestyessä (1979)
Taavi ja Rytmiryhmä - Hautausmaalle (1980)
Top Rank - I Want You (1979)
Breadcrumb Vergers - Twist (1978) (from V/A - Best of Catlantic EP)
Vessel Umpio - Sykedeliaa peräkylässä (1979)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cläk (Finland, 1981 -1982)

I had posted both of the Cläk EP's previously. Normally I don't do reposts but in this case getting mp3's of something on my want list convinced me to do it. These have also been re-recorded from the original vinyl so hopefully the quality is better than before. The sound is kind of lo-fi, especially on the first, but this is still quality D.I.Y. punk.

Two of the members also played in Nolla Nolla Nolla who released an EP and LP that are very much worth hearing.

The few copies I've had of the sleeve for the second EP have black marker over the eyes on the photos. I have no idea why. Here are photos of a sleeve without them.

Cläk - s/t EP (Kuutamo on / Ne haluu / Kangastus / Tytöt / Soveltumaton elämään // Mun elämä / Ympäröidyt ihmiset / Alaikäinen / Ujo poika / Tehdasvartijan työ / untitled) (CLÄK81, 1981)

Cläk - Äiti Potki Meidät Himasta EP (Sen tunnet sinäkin / Lukitse ovesi / Miks? / Näin sut kahdesti // Kuka näki kun ... / Jutta) (Maaemo 2, 1982)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ytterbium 70 (Switzerland, 1981)

Back to Switzerland for this less well known EP from Lausanne. If you really like it, there's one currently available here for a mere 175 euro. A few copies have sold for less on eBay recently. I believe this was their only release. I wasn't sure where to split the 2 tracks on the B side so I just left them together.

Ytterbium 70 - Futur Soldat Suisse // C'était du vent / Le temps ne tombe pas en panne EP (Super Nova Y-0070, 1981)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slander (Canada, 1981)

One of my favorite LPs from Canada is this kick-ass offering from Slander. They were from Burlington / Hamilton, Ontario and part of the same scene as Teenage Head and the Forgotten Rebels. You can read more at the Slander MySpace site. 2 of the LP songs (Jail Bait and 8 Days A Week) were released on a 7" that came without a picture sleeve. These were probably used as promos. This one has been requested several times, so here it is!

Slander - Hemi-Conscious LP (North Shore NSR-1981-001, 1981)
(Destination / Jail Bait / Good Thing / No Particular Place To Go / 8 Days A Week / I Need You / I Want Your Woman / Petticoat Junction // Rockin' On Main Street / House Of The Rising Sun / The Pigs / I'm A Believer / Upside Down / Ghetto / It's Over)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Äpyli ja Utu Ptrui Tänne Prutui (Finland, 1979)

From Kesälahti in eastern Finland comes Äpyli ja Utu Ptrui Tänne Prutui who I believe released four 7"s between 1979 and 1981. This is their second and the only one I have. I haven't heard any of the others. This one is nice punky powerpop at least to me. I'd be interested to know if the others sound anything like this one.

Äpyli ja Utu Ptrui Tänne Prutui - Tämä ruumis / Ihmisen poika 7" (Johanna JHNS 109, 1979)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Jaws (Germany, 1978)

Something from Germany this time, this one from the city of Münster. There is no year on the record or sleeve and all I could find on the internet was a want list that had a date of 1978. So I'll go with that. A little something to sing along with after your girlfriend has dumped you ...

From a comment we have some info about the group:
Münster-based punk trio with lone single of which only 200 copies were made. JAWS were schoolmates who worked for a local lights/PA rental company. After seeing STRASSENJUNGS and CLASH touring Germany in the spring of 1977, the three guys started to play a short set of self-penned punk/hardrock songs as a soundcheck for their sound-system. Their boss liked what he heard and recorded one of their sets. In the summer of 1977, the trio finished school and all left Münster for different reasons. Later, while visiting his parents, the drummer discovered that the owner of said rental company had released these songs without permission: confronted with this, he showed that only 200 copies were manufactured and gave 25 to the band as ‘payment’.

Jaws - Loser / Slow Rider 7" (Modern Music Studio A-3895 / Schallwand Musikhandel, 1978)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Crocodiles (Belgium, 1982)

Here's one from Belgium that is usually described as "mod" and/or "power pop" whenever it shows up on eBay. Not much info on it. I'd guess it is from the early 80's. 

Crocodiles - Back To School / Tricks 7" (Crock 001, 1982)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Restless (Switzerland, 1981)

Here's a pleasant powerpop 7" from Switzerland by Restless, released on the Musk Project label from Zurich. Very likely their only release. This one shouldn't be that rare but it took me ages to finally get hold of one. Other releases from the label worth looking for include the Jack Rabbit Band's first EP, the Peter Berger 7" and of course the Rebels - Artificial Insemination EP.

Restless - Looking For A Girl / Last Night 7" (Musk-Project mps 813, 1981)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Polaris Project (Canada?, 1981)

I was asked about this one recently, maybe because it sold for around $100 on eBay not too long ago. It was recorded at Polaris Studios in Windsor Ontario. Maybe it was just a studio recording project. I'm assuming it was a Canadian release but it doesn't have any catalog numbers or markings typical of Canadian independent releases from around that time. The jacket was printed in the U.S.A. but in the "Special Thanks" section on the back the Windsor Police Dept. is mentioned. I know of some American bands that did record in Canada so I guess it is possible they could be from the Detroit area as well. A google search didn't turn up any definitive information.

Polaris Project - Victims Of Circumstance LP (Polaris, 1981)
(Come On / Oh Boy / Victims Of Circumstance / Back In 1985 / When Is Over // Devil In The Night / Ain't That A Shame / Watch What You Say / Into The Night / Rise And Fall)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ali Baba's Group / Cadena Perpetua (Peru, 1980s)

Here are a couple of 7"s from Peru. There are no dates on either but early - mid 80's would seem likely. Ali Baba's Group is on the Mag label which has an address in La Oroya. Both songs seem to be covers and interesting choices, from a cheesy song about Moscow to Motorhead. Cadena Perpetua consisted of four 18 - 19 year olds and the 7" comes in a nice foldout sleeve with a pocket inside for the record. Both songs are originals. The label address is in Miraflores so they were probably from the Lima area.

Ali Baba's Group - Moscu / As de espadas 7" (MAG 4200, 1980)
Cadena Perpetua - Que voy a hacer / Jackie 7" (Ambar Internacional 010, 198?)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wet Paint (Netherlands, 1980)

Something from Holland this time. This one is from the Groningen / Zuidhorn area and was likely their only release.

Wet Paint - She Hangs Around / Next One 7" (City Sound CSL011080, 1980)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Obscure Canada - Vol. 4

Still more Canadian punk, pop and junk. Maybe you'll find some of these in your eBay "KBD" or "punk" searches. These are all taken from 7" releases except for Glamatron which is from a 12" EP.

12 Guage - I Saw You On The Telephone (Stephenville (Nfld)?, 1980) The label (Quay) address is in Stephenville but I'm not sure if the band was from there.
A Kid - Come (Toronto, 1980) From the "An Introduction To Civil Engineering" EP.
Afghanistan Banana Stand - Be My Gal (?) No idea where this is from or the year. As a wild guess I'll say around Toronto sometime in the early 80s.
Bote Peeple - Help, Help, I'm Drowning (Toronto, 1980)
Dada - If I'm Blind (Vancouver, 1982)
Deep Six - Rockin' At The Rideau (Ottawa, 1984) "The Rideau" is a shopping center in downtown Ottawa.
Falcon - Hot Thoughts (Hamilton, 1980) Also released an LP called "Walk Into The Mirror".
Finks - Can't Say No (London, 1987)
Terry Gilbert - Call Me In The Night (Victoria, 1981) The 7" was being sold cheap on eBay a year or two ago and there was also an unreleased LP available on CD.
Glamatron - Continentals (Toronto, 1981) From the "Only The Heart Beats ... Inside The Silence" 12" EP. Sounds like they may have listened to an Ultravox record or two.
Heartbeats - She Won't Talk (Halifax, 1984)
Hippies - Nuclear Disaster (London, 1982)
Johnny Jaws & The Sharks - Out Of Love (Montreal, 1978) There's also at least another 7" as well.
Klo - The Parking Lot Song (Toronto, 1980)
Phollop Willing P.A. - Orphan Baby (Halifax, 1981) The 7" has sold on eBay for something like $250. There's also a CD called "Plantin' Seeds" from 2001 that seems to be available for download around the net. I've also seen one called "Greatest Fits Vol. II" which includes the 7" tracks and other 1979 - 1999 material. These may have just been self-released cd-r's.
Rivals - I'll Just Let You Go (Vancouver, 1982)
Song Supply - Artistic Drywall (Edmonton?, 1988) From 1 of 2 7"s that I'm aware of.
Tumours - Twilight Zone (Victoria, 1981)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Taxfree (Sweden, 1982)

Powerpop from somewhere in Sweden. The label says it was recorded at Metrocord Studios. Not much other info and likely their only release. The B side is my pick of the 2 songs.

Taxfree - Jag kan aldrig få dej / I en egen värld 7" (Miss Mindy Music / Artside Records ARS-0430, 1982)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Överslag / Tits (Sweden, 1980/1983)

A couple of Swedish obscurities that you may not have heard before. In both cases I'm guessing that these were the only records released.

Överslag - Varför får man inte va' Annorlunda / Farbror polisen 7" (Noon SNS-802, 1980)
Tits - Kallt / Folk 7" (Pang PSI 079, 1983)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Let's Go (Finland, 1980)

Here's a less well-known 7" from Finland on the Kräk! label. The A side is a cover of the Monotones hit, "Book Of Love". The B side is nice punky pop. This was their only release as far as I know.

Let's Go - Yökirja / Uskoton rakkaus 7" (Kräk! KRÄKS 12, 1980)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

V/A - Asfalttidisco LP (Finland, 1980)

Here's a Finnish compilation LP from 1980 with some punk and powerpop. The songs by SOS, Louie, and Teurastamo 5 are all available as separate 7"s by each band on the same label. SOS, Nauta and  Korroosio also did 7"s with songs not on this LP that are very good. Aarnen Valinta (2 really good songs) and Turta Leevi I only know from this LP.

V/A - Asfalttidisco LP (Kräk! KRÄLP 7, 1980)