Monday, January 24, 2011

Void (South Africa / Rhodesia, 1979)

This post is more for the obscurity / novelty factor than anything else. According to the South African Rock Encyclopedia, the band eVoid began in 1979 as Void. They spent about 8 months in Rhodesia / Zimbabwe in 1979 where this single was recorded. Described as a "a pogo-inspired cover of The Knack's My Sharona" I thought it might be worth checking out. It didn't give me the urge to jump up and pogo around the room but maybe you'll disagree. It did however manage to make it to #3 on the charts in Zimbabwe in January 1980. There were no other releases until 1983 when the name changed to eVoid. I don't know if it ever came with a picture sleeve.

Void - My Sharona / Magicia 7" (Teal TLS 128, 1979)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Allison (Norway, 1980)

Allison were from Askøy (outside Bergen), Norway and apparently were influenced by British new wave and punk. I haven't heard enough of their material to comment on whether that might be the case. Most of what I have read about them says they were more of a rock band than punk or new wave. They released at least one LP and several singles. This is the only one I have and I bought it cheap just because of the title of the A side. It was recorded live in December 1979.

Allison - Punks Gotta Be United / Yo Yo 7" (ASC Records ASC-01-80, 1980)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Unfassbare Zwischenräume (Switzerland, 1981)

This is the first of 2 posts today with some offbeat Swiss experimental style bands. If you've come looking for punk or powerpop, maybe next time. This release was the first on the Winterschatten label from Basel. One track appeared on the New Wave Complex - Volume 11 cd-r compilation. This was very likely their only release. Instruments used were monophonic synthesizer, echo/hall unit and plastic trashcan, recorded at home on a 4-track.

Unfassbare Zwischenräume - Falter im nächtlichen Raum / Warten auf den Winter // Risse in der Hornhaut EP (Winterschatten 001, 1981)

Red Catholic Orthodox Jewish Chorus (Switzerland, 1983)

This one is somewhat of a mystery: 2 untitled songs with not much info at all. The 2 sides are labeled as "B" and "BB". Discogs gives the year as 1983 while Punk-Disco puts it at 1981.On the back of the sleeves are the names "Daniel", "Edy" and "Spycher", presumably the band members. "GT" guested on "B". It shows up in punk discographies but it isn't exactly punk unless your idea of punk includes terms like abstract, goth, experimental or minimal. This Swiss punk and new wave discography doesn't give a year but lists 2 other releases from 1984 that I've never seen.

Red Catholic Jewish Orthodox Chorus - untitled (B) / untitled (BB) 7" (RC-01, 1983)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Y Trwynau Coch (Wales, 1979/80)

This punky pop/powerpop band from Wales released several 7"s, a 12" EP and an LP between 1978 and 1981. This is the 12" EP released in either 1979 or 1980 - I can't find a date on the record or sleeve and both dates turned up in an online search. All of their records are worthwhile and a song from an earlier 7" was included on the Powerpearls Vol. 5 compilation. You can also get one of the 7"s and more info about the band over here and tracks from split 7"s at My Life's A Jigsaw.

Y Trwynau Coch - Un Sip Arall ... 12" EP (Byth mynd i golli / Angela // Colli ti / Pepsi Cola) (Recordiau Coch RCTC1, 1979/80)

Bobby and Synthia (Canada, 1982)

As you might guess from the name, Bobby and Synthia were a duo and the music is synth based. They were from Toronto, Ontario and released this 12" EP in 1982. The song "Video Violence" was also on one of the various Flexipop compilations "None Night Of Flexipop Vol. 2". You can also find it on a couple of compilations here.

Bobby And Synthia - Thirty-Six Hours 12" EP (Dig That Space / The Music Stopped / Queen Street // Chant # 2 / Big Tits / Video Violence) (Modular Music MMEP111, 1982)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and sell me some Finnish records will ya!

It's a new year and I'd like more records (as if I don't already have more than I could possibly ever find time to listen to). I'm sure I could make room in my collection for most of these:
DIGITAL DANCE - Cairo C / All The Years 7" (1981)
DON'TS - Spraycan Fools / Maniac 7" (1980)
JUNIPER - Umpitollo / Vaihdan maisemaa 7" (1978)
TAPA PAHA TAPA - Mennyt maailma / Vanha suola janottaa 7" (1983)
and some other really obscure ones that hardly anyone likely cares much about anymore. I'm also looking for some Swedish and Canadian records (and plenty of others also). Let me know (girlsfromtahiti at gmail dot com) what you have as long as it is from around 1976 - 83, somewhat punk, power pop, D.I.Y. or just plain weird. Trading mp3's is cool too.