Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sturgeons / Suburban Slag (Canada, 1979 - 1980)

In case you aren't aware of the Calgary Cassette Preservation Society I'd like to direct you to 2 of their recent postings: Suburban Slag and the Sturgeons. You may already know the Sturgeons from the classic Punk Rock Virgins 7". Now you can check out 14 more songs!

Outtakes (USA, 1983)

All I could find about this one was a past eBay auction describing it as weird and scary. "Two songs from St. Louis artist recorded back in '83 and this is truly a love or hate proposition ... Vocals are rough-going and arrangements are all over the map. Subject matter is key here ...". Ignoring the lyrical content, I find "Chuckie" to be the better of the 2 songs.

Outtakes - Motion Denied / Chuckie 7" (TS83-1190, 1983)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Expedition Punitive (France, 1983)

No date on the record but apparently this band was from Lille and they released only this 7" in 1983 on a Belgian label. The A side appeared on the Powerpearls Vol. 7 compilation.

Expedition Punitive - Un Samourai / Midnight In The Subway 7" (Moss KRM 640, 1983)

Heavy Manners (Belgium, 1979)

Tournai group founded in 1978 with a sound inspired by the Stranglers and Cure. The A side has been advertised as "punk" but that may be stretching things just a bit. The B side is a (mostly) instrumental ska tune.

Heavy Manners - World War Six / Attention 7" (Heavy HR 001, 1979)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Johnny and The Knuckleheads (USA, 1981)

From Tulsa, Oklahoma, this is their first release. Ignore the cover photo - there are no saxes to be found here. It was followed by another 7" in 1982 and an LP in 1983 that I don't have. I had seen one for sale for something like $150 so I thought it would be worth a shot when I found one for $20. It's not bad but I'm glad I didn't pay too much more for it.

Johnny and The Knuckleheads - Radio On / I Love Her Madly 7" (Knuckle DR-1981, 1981)

Dreamers (USA, 1984)

Female vocal powerpop from Santa Barbara, California. There's more here.

Dreamers - Gimme Sun, Boys, Rock 'n Roll Music / In The Summer Night 7" (Fired Records (no #), 1984)