Monday, March 9, 2009

Åsa - Battle Of The Bands: Oss vs Shas (Sweden, 1980)

Two bands from the small town of Åsa (not far from Göteborg) both recorded EPs in 1980. Both are quite rare, especially Shas. It didn't sell well and the story is that the band members threw all the unsold ones from a bridge. One of the songs from the Oss EP (Falska Rykten) was included on the Killed By Death #50 compilation of Swedish rarities. I like both of these records, although another band from Åsa (Glo) is perhaps the best from there.

Oss - Falska rykten / Hubba hubba // Vi gör som vi vill / Jag vill vara fri EP (Bandit F 123, 1980)
Shas - Thinner / En idiots dröm // Kommer inte längre / Nojan EP (Iemaj 003, 1981) (label says 1981 though it was recorded in 1980)