Friday, December 30, 2011

Outsiders (Iceland, 1981)

The Utangarðsmenn had this 12" EP released in Sweden as The Outsiders. One track was included on the Powerpearls Vol. 7 compilation. This one has been requested several times and as we (eventually) aim to please, here it is. You can check out their first LP over at Wilddevilrules. When singer Bubbi Morthens left the band the remaining members continued as The Bodies, releasing an EP in 1982.

Outsiders - s/t 12" (I.O.P. 002, 1981) 
(Pretty Girls / Dracula / Phantom Bitch / The Big Sleep // Where Are The Bodies / It's Easy) 

Cadillac (Finland, 1978)

Supposedly only 300 copies were made of this LP. I've seen it sell on eBay in the past for around $150. The same seller seemed to have some number of copies so maybe it's cheaper now? Since we're doing requests today, this one is for those who have waited a while for me to finally get around to doing this one. One track appeared on the Bloodstains Across Europe #2 LP.  Two of the tracks (Sweat Brains / Heute Abend) were also released as a 7".

Cadillac - Sweat'Shit LP (Fonovox/Titan TTLP 510, 1978)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Drowned Hampster (Canada, 1983)

Mostly unknown punk band from London, Ontario. The LP is "dedicated to all the morons who inspired these songs".

Drowned Hampster - The 'p' Is For Political LP (Rubber DH 1, 1983)
(Politix / Joe Businessman / I Don't Wanna Dance / Zero Option / Benny // Surf Punks / Fight Back / Frat Guys / Phone Pigs / 3 Hours With D.D. / D.A.Y.)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

unknown test press (?, 19??)

Now, for a complete mystery, at least to me. The person I got this from said it was Finnish and from the 80s. At least some of the last song is in English but beyond that I can't make much out. Here's what I can tell you:
1) The sound is heavy hardcore that seems typically mid 80s. To me it sounds more Japanese than anything but hardcore is not something I'm particularly interested in or knowledgeable about.
2) The only markings in the dead wax are "MPS A", "MPS B" and something that looks like "OP13".
3) Side A has two distinct tracks and plays at 45. Side B has 3 and plays at 33.
4) Track #3 (the first on Side B) has "5-4-3-2-1-0 Ignition Liftoff" near the beginning which should be memorable if you're familiar with the song.

Public Enemy // Discipline (USA, 1982)

All I could find online about this one was a brief description on the Punk Rock In Upstate New York page where it says "One punk ripper, one minimal synth instro and one metal song.". The scan shown online has the name of the producer and song credits blanked out for whatever reason. For security purposes I've also removed the engineer and technician but I thought Sheri Sue at least deserves credit for being the hair consultant. From the names involved it would seem both bands are closely related. No date on the record but the one online reference I found says 1982.

Public Enemy // Discipline - Jody / Instant Bus Reports // Quiet Heroes EP (Illegal PRI-788, 1982)

Paviljongen (Sweden, 1985)

I couldn't find any info online about this one. I've seen it listed twice, once described as "powerpop" and once with no description. Whoever called it "powerpop" needs their ears cleaned out. At about 5 minutes each both songs go on for too long and wouldn't be out of place on some mid-80s AOR LP.

Paviljongen - Lust att brinna / Vita dagar 7" (PAV-S-01, 1985)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Sick Band (USA, 1981)

As punk novelties go, "Punk Rock" is pretty cool. "Boogers" is just dumb. Though the sleeve prominently shows "Boogers", the A side is "Punk Rock" on the record. Popsike shows copies of this selling recently on eBay from $82 to $236. From Orlando, Florida. Now buzz off until I find something else to post.

Sick Band - Punk Rock / Boogers 7" (Gag 69-A/68-B, 1981)

Putsch (Switzerland, 1981)

The first of 3 releases from this punk band. This one was a 7'' EP; two 12''s followed. Maybe I'll get to those later.

Putsch - Betrogen // Der Putsch / Werbewirksam EP (R.F. 1001, 1981)

Plath (Italy, 1982)

Electronic, industrial weirdness from Italy. I am strange now. Yes, you are.

Plath - I Am Strange Now // Proletarian-Submission-2 (The Howl) / Telik 12345 EP (Plath P. 00.01, 1982)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kenneth Skoog (Sweden, 1980)

This is one I had been curious about since I saw it listed on eBay many years ago as (what else?) "powerpop". I finally found a copy and wasn't surprised to find that there's really no powerpop to be heard. The instrumental B side may be of some interest to synth fans. All instruments are played by Kenneth Skoog who has provided some more info. It was recorded in Kivik (very south of Sweden) with 300 copies pressed. He also released a CD of instrumental hard rock in 2000 called "Deflagration". In 1979 he was part of a band called Pharamond that played instrumental music in the styles of Wishbone Ash, Jimi Hendrix and King Crimson as well as some jazz-rock. He wanted the band to release a record but the other members weren't interested, so he went and did this one on his own in August 1980.

Kenneth Skoog - Moonlight Fantasies / Mechanic Delivery 7" (Spasmograf Spas-000180, 1980)

Stone Apple (Peru, 1984)

Ignore the A side which is a disposable country-rock turd. The B side has somewhat of a psych feel to it and some more interesting guitar sounds which I like.

Stone Apple - Conserva de niñas en miel / En alas del tiempo 7" (Infopesa 171425, 1984)

Rockin' Horse (UK, 1971)

Although released in 1971 the A side sounds like it could be from a late 70s powerpop record . The B side has more of a 60s sound. The A side is from the Yes It Is LP which has been reissued by Sing Sing Records. The 7" was reissued with a different B side in 1979. Their other 1971 7" release is featured here.

Rockin' Horse - Biggest Gossip In Town / You Say 7" (Philips 6006 156, 1971)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tiz / P.O.W. (Finland, 1983 - 1985)

Here are a couple of obscure Finnish rock 7"s that someone sent to me recently so I thought I'd pass them along. Both of these were new to me. Thanks to "Johnny" for sharing.

Tiz - Hymyilevä nukke / Mä haluun tietään 7" (Femme Fatale FISH 4, 1983)
P.O.W. - Freelady / The Lost Love 7" (-, 1985)

No Exit (Canada, 1980)

I had planned to post this LP at some point but just haven't got to it. Vancouver, 1980. Now you can take a listen here. It's one of those records that is rare (and expensive) but not something I've ever thought was particularly good. There are other things I'd rather spend $500+ on.