Friday, April 10, 2009

Gyllene Divor (Sweden, 1981)

Time now for a little pop interlude. Here we have a tough to find pop/powerpop EP from Gyllene Divor. I think this was probably their only release.

Gyllene Divor - Ni har ingen tunnelbana / Mucka / Jag är kär i John Travolta EP (Commercial CTR-881, 1981)

Kessler Jugend G.m.b.H. (Sweden, 1983-85)

Here are 2 of the rarer 7"s from Sweden. Legendary and you gotta like their choices in sleeve art and label name!

Kessler Jugend G.m.b.H. - Schoot'zem (On The Spot) / Vistrohajre (For A New Germany) 7" (Golden Shower KJ-1, 1983)
Kessler Jugend G.m.b.H. - Ge fan i moppen hej / Bankrutt på squtt 7" (Golden Shower A-PATI, 1985)

Me want Swedish records!

I have quite a lot but there are still things I haven't heard and had no luck yet in finding (at least for reasonable prices). Help in finding any of the following would be much appreciated! Or at least tell me they are terrible. Contact me at: girlsfromtahiti at gmail dot com.
62 1/2 - Titta hit / Bevare oss 7" (1982)
MATS ANDERSSON BAND - Uniformerade män +3 cassette (1982)
BUGS - Pärleporten +3 cassette (1980)
FEM ÄLGAR - I Ett Badkar EP (1980)
HANGOVER - Hangover / Esplanaden 7" (1978)
HEMLIGT UPPDRAG - Svarta nätter / Född rik 7" (1983)
HOLLYWOOD GIRLZ - EP (1982) [Does this even exist??]
HOROSCOPE - Inte ensam / Det vågade jag inte säga 7" (1981)
HOT NEWS - The Band / Cirkeln 7" (1979)
LONELY HEARTS - Lonely Heart / One More Night 7" (1984)
LUFTGROUP - Pornografi / Det kostar på 7" (1980)
MODESTY BLAISE - Glädje & sorg / Tog mig ut 7" (1983)
SKRÄP - EP (1980) [Does this even exist??]
TOXIN - Dag Eller Natt EP (1981)
TRACKS - Rock 'n' Roll / Street Fighter 7" (1982)
TRP - My Bike / Lady Of The Night 7" (1982)
VARSEL - Poplåten / Skryt 7" (1980)
VICTIM - Framtid med hopp / Det var da han vann 7" (1982)

Friday, April 3, 2009

V/A - Åminne Punkfiesta LP (Sweden, 1981)

Here is a very obscure compilation from Värnamo. One of the songs was included on the Killed By Death #51 LP (Kurts klagoord by Vanvett). The LP is damn raer, one of the more collectible Swedish punk records.

None of the bands on the LP ever released anything else that I'm aware of. UPDATE: Thanks to the comment from Martin about Akupunktur having a track on the Först Värnamo Sen Världen compilation LP. I don't have the LP but that track is on the KBD#96 compilation, part of a 4 x cassette set that was released in 2007.

V/A - Åminne Punkfiesta LP (Åminne SKLP 002, 1981)

U.P.A (Sweden, 1982)

This time I decided to post 3 songs from U.P.A, who were from Kristinehamn. These are taken from the Picassos Barn compilation cassette (see below for a link to the complete cassette) and in my opinion are some of the best songs on it. They would have made a nice EP had they ever released a record.

There is also another band from Sweden called U.P.A and they did release a 7" in 1979. It is not punk though, just indie rock. The songs are En gata i Paris / Väntar på en vän (CFR-S-7013, 1979).

For more about punk from Kristinehamn check this page out.

You can find the full Picassos Barn cassette (as well as Vol. 2) and some others here.