Sunday, August 30, 2009

Extaz EP (Sweden, 1984)

This time we have an obscure Swedish EP from 1984 that I don't know much about. No info on the back of the sleeve except for the band members and the record just has plain white labels.

It's decent pop-punk that sounds more typical of a lot of bands from several years before.

Extaz - Jag väntar på tomten // Polis i Paris / Min docka EP (Fun Produktions Fun 001, 1984)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Morgan 7" (Sweden, 1980)

The B side of the Morgan 7" was included on the Killed By Death #50 LP of Swedish rarities. From the LP notes: "Morgan was the bass player of Jonström and also the producer of the first two Rude Kids singles ... even though hardly anyone noticed the record back then it managed to get banned from the radio because of the lyrics of "I Want More"". Sorry, not being fluent in Swedish I can't tell you what the offensive lyrics might be.

Morgan - 80 talets melodi / I Want More 7" (Tropic Dream TD 002, 1980)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Armchairs vs Flying Calvittos (Australia, 1979)

For a little change of pace here are 2 Australian EPs from 1979 that you probably don't see around too often.

First up are The Armchairs, co-founded by Ian Stephen and Johnny Topper. They released the Ski-Lo-Lo EP (1979) and Party Time LP (1982). The back of the EP sleeve is written entirely in French for whatever reason. There are also brief audio clips before and after each song on the EP. There is also some cool Armchairs stuff on YouTube such as:

The Flying Calvittos 'Goodbye You Spaghetti Punks' EP has one punky novelty in "Squeal Like A Pig" and some other interesting tunes. It has sold for decent prices on eBay in the past (see the auction results and pictures here). There was a CD release called 26 Hundred Moons (Calvitto Music CALD-01, 1996) that includes the EP and other songs recorded in 1987 and 1994. There were 500 numbered copies so it is probably tough to find now. If you like the EP then you may like the material on the CD though none of it is close to the genius(?) of "Squeal Like A Pig". The credits notes in the CD booklet also mention a 7" called "When You Start" released in 1988 that I have never seen mention of anywhere else.

Armchairs - Ski-Lo-Lo EP (Dining Room / Brian Henderson // Cat In The Box / Elvis Presley) (Reverse RR002, 1979)
Flying Calvittos - Goodbye You Spaghetti Punks EP (Mamma's Recipe Feeds The People / Mamma's Table // Squeal Like A Pig / Fastnet / Lucky To Be Australian) (Groove PRS2728, 1979)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Swiss Vinyl Feast #7

It's back to Switzerland for some punk rock and weirdness. This time we have a 7", a 10", a 12" and an LP.

Bayer played drums in Mother's Ruin and also, I was told, the Rebels but I'm not sure about that. His solo 7" is perhaps a little on the weird side for most tastes, especially the version of 'Yellow Submarine'. It came in an oversize 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch sleeve that was sometimes also used as a mailer for sending the record.

Besides 3 great 7"s TNT also released the Eine kleine Machtmusik 10" in 1983 (1000 numbered copies).

Jof & The Ram released only this 12" EP in 1981 that sometimes shows up on discographies and sale lists as "punk". The cover came covered in plastic bubble wrap.

Debils released just this one LP in 1981. Three of the songs (Maso / Crisis / Made In Switzerland) were included on the V/A - Made In Switzerland LP along with songs from NDT, Crash Course, Vorwärts and Bellevue (all songs previously released 1981 - 83).

Bayer - Ask Noback If You Won't Get Back / Yellow Submarine 7" (Bayer 1, 1982)

TNT - Eine kleine Machtmusik 10" (Movie Billy / Train / Empty Sound / Clowns / Bubble Guns // Popstars / Bank Rubber (Punk Robber) / Krokodil / Splash) (Off Course ASL-3308, 1983)

Jof & The Ram - Vie Belle / Berufsverbot // 3° Guerre / Aux Chiottes 12" (General Mix-Up 01, 1981)

Debils - s/t LP (Intro / Debils / Crisis / Made In Switzerland / Prisonnier / Troupe // Maso / Apache / The Baston / Le Pendu / Crisis II) (Teva 00400-P, 1981)

For sleeve scans (except Bayer) see: Punk-Disco 

Sunday, August 2, 2009

V/A - Powerpearls 9 and 10 LPs

Time now to finish up the Powerpearls series. Most of these LPs had 18 songs each so now you have 180 more original records to track down, in addition to those featured on the Teenage Treats series. Good luck! Never mind finding all the original records, even getting mp3's of all of them would be a challenge.

While I was getting these ready I decided to listen to the Liquid Stone 7" and post that one as well but after recording it I discovered it had previously been posted.

V/A - Powerpearls Vol. 9 LP
Hot Press & The Silent Knights - Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, Hey (Ireland, 1979)
Wasteland - Leave Me Alone (UK, 1980)
Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet (UK, 1978)
Hollywood Killers - Goodbye Suicide (UK, 1978)
Bram Tchaikovsky - Girl Of My Dreams (UK, 1979)
Lola Ego - Kaupungin tyttö (Finland, 1980)
New Math - Die Trying (USA, 1979)
Living Daylights - Personality Changes (UK, 1979)
Records - Starry Eyes (UK, 1979)
Chris Moffa and The Competition - Lunatics, Losers & Liars (USA, 1981)
Ail Symudiad - Dilyn y sebon (UK, 1982)
Sprays - Estas consado? (Spain, 1982)
New Hearts - Plain Jane (UK, 1978)
G Squad - In My Mind (UK, 1981)
Plimsouls - Now (USA, 1981)
Tant Brun - Swärje (Sweden, 1981)
Kidda Band - Saturday Night Fever (UK, 1979)
Heartbeats - I'll Be True (UK, 1981)

V/A - Powerpearls Vol. 10 LP
Pylons - Marvel World (UK, 1980)
Pop - Wait A Minute (USA, 1981)
Last Words - Every Schoolboys Dream (Australia, 1978)
Tripple Cripple - Baby I Don't Mind (Sweden, 1981)
Liquid Stone - Here Comes The Weekend (UK, 1980)
Chuzpe - I Loved The 60's (Austria, 1979)
Reaction - I Can't Resist (UK, 1978)
Sensuuri - Goodnight N.Y.C. (Finland, 1980)
Trend - Teenage Crush (UK, 1979)
David Quinton - Make Up Your Mind (Canada, 1981)
Bees - Mr. Gaynor (UK, 1980)
Haskells - Pop Art (USA, 1981)
Blitz Boys - She Told My Friends (UK, 1980)
Skymning - En ängel (Sweden, 1981)
Reactions - Marianne (USA, 1980)
Limit - My World At Night (UK, 1978)
Manikins - Love At Second Sight (Australia, 1980)
Duggie Campbell - Real Nice Girl (UK, ?, unreleased?)