Thursday, August 13, 2009

Morgan 7" (Sweden, 1980)

The B side of the Morgan 7" was included on the Killed By Death #50 LP of Swedish rarities. From the LP notes: "Morgan was the bass player of Jonström and also the producer of the first two Rude Kids singles ... even though hardly anyone noticed the record back then it managed to get banned from the radio because of the lyrics of "I Want More"". Sorry, not being fluent in Swedish I can't tell you what the offensive lyrics might be.

Morgan - 80 talets melodi / I Want More 7" (Tropic Dream TD 002, 1980)


Martin said...

He's singing (among other things) I want more hasch, which might be what banned it but I'm not sure. Hard to figure out what he's actually singing, even for a Swede.

Anonymous said...

Weirdly, early parts of the first minute of 80 Talets Melodi sounds a little like Bata Motel by Crass.