Friday, December 30, 2011

Outsiders (Iceland, 1981)

The Utangarðsmenn had this 12" EP released in Sweden as The Outsiders. One track was included on the Powerpearls Vol. 7 compilation. This one has been requested several times and as we (eventually) aim to please, here it is. You can check out their first LP over at Wilddevilrules. When singer Bubbi Morthens left the band the remaining members continued as The Bodies, releasing an EP in 1982.

Outsiders - s/t 12" (I.O.P. 002, 1981) 
(Pretty Girls / Dracula / Phantom Bitch / The Big Sleep // Where Are The Bodies / It's Easy) 

Cadillac (Finland, 1978)

Supposedly only 300 copies were made of this LP. I've seen it sell on eBay in the past for around $150. The same seller seemed to have some number of copies so maybe it's cheaper now? Since we're doing requests today, this one is for those who have waited a while for me to finally get around to doing this one. One track appeared on the Bloodstains Across Europe #2 LP.  Two of the tracks (Sweat Brains / Heute Abend) were also released as a 7".

Cadillac - Sweat'Shit LP (Fonovox/Titan TTLP 510, 1978)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Drowned Hampster (Canada, 1983)

Mostly unknown punk band from London, Ontario. The LP is "dedicated to all the morons who inspired these songs".

Drowned Hampster - The 'p' Is For Political LP (Rubber DH 1, 1983)
(Politix / Joe Businessman / I Don't Wanna Dance / Zero Option / Benny // Surf Punks / Fight Back / Frat Guys / Phone Pigs / 3 Hours With D.D. / D.A.Y.)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

unknown test press (?, 19??)

Now, for a complete mystery, at least to me. The person I got this from said it was Finnish and from the 80s. At least some of the last song is in English but beyond that I can't make much out. Here's what I can tell you:
1) The sound is heavy hardcore that seems typically mid 80s. To me it sounds more Japanese than anything but hardcore is not something I'm particularly interested in or knowledgeable about.
2) The only markings in the dead wax are "MPS A", "MPS B" and something that looks like "OP13".
3) Side A has two distinct tracks and plays at 45. Side B has 3 and plays at 33.
4) Track #3 (the first on Side B) has "5-4-3-2-1-0 Ignition Liftoff" near the beginning which should be memorable if you're familiar with the song.

Public Enemy // Discipline (USA, 1982)

All I could find online about this one was a brief description on the Punk Rock In Upstate New York page where it says "One punk ripper, one minimal synth instro and one metal song.". The scan shown online has the name of the producer and song credits blanked out for whatever reason. For security purposes I've also removed the engineer and technician but I thought Sheri Sue at least deserves credit for being the hair consultant. From the names involved it would seem both bands are closely related. No date on the record but the one online reference I found says 1982.

Public Enemy // Discipline - Jody / Instant Bus Reports // Quiet Heroes EP (Illegal PRI-788, 1982)

Paviljongen (Sweden, 1985)

I couldn't find any info online about this one. I've seen it listed twice, once described as "powerpop" and once with no description. Whoever called it "powerpop" needs their ears cleaned out. At about 5 minutes each both songs go on for too long and wouldn't be out of place on some mid-80s AOR LP.

Paviljongen - Lust att brinna / Vita dagar 7" (PAV-S-01, 1985)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Sick Band (USA, 1981)

As punk novelties go, "Punk Rock" is pretty cool. "Boogers" is just dumb. Though the sleeve prominently shows "Boogers", the A side is "Punk Rock" on the record. Popsike shows copies of this selling recently on eBay from $82 to $236. From Orlando, Florida. Now buzz off until I find something else to post.

Sick Band - Punk Rock / Boogers 7" (Gag 69-A/68-B, 1981)

Putsch (Switzerland, 1981)

The first of 3 releases from this punk band. This one was a 7'' EP; two 12''s followed. Maybe I'll get to those later.

Putsch - Betrogen // Der Putsch / Werbewirksam EP (R.F. 1001, 1981)

Plath (Italy, 1982)

Electronic, industrial weirdness from Italy. I am strange now. Yes, you are.

Plath - I Am Strange Now // Proletarian-Submission-2 (The Howl) / Telik 12345 EP (Plath P. 00.01, 1982)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kenneth Skoog (Sweden, 1980)

This is one I had been curious about since I saw it listed on eBay many years ago as (what else?) "powerpop". I finally found a copy and wasn't surprised to find that there's really no powerpop to be heard. The instrumental B side may be of some interest to synth fans. All instruments are played by Kenneth Skoog who has provided some more info. It was recorded in Kivik (very south of Sweden) with 300 copies pressed. He also released a CD of instrumental hard rock in 2000 called "Deflagration". In 1979 he was part of a band called Pharamond that played instrumental music in the styles of Wishbone Ash, Jimi Hendrix and King Crimson as well as some jazz-rock. He wanted the band to release a record but the other members weren't interested, so he went and did this one on his own in August 1980.

Kenneth Skoog - Moonlight Fantasies / Mechanic Delivery 7" (Spasmograf Spas-000180, 1980)

Stone Apple (Peru, 1984)

Ignore the A side which is a disposable country-rock turd. The B side has somewhat of a psych feel to it and some more interesting guitar sounds which I like.

Stone Apple - Conserva de niñas en miel / En alas del tiempo 7" (Infopesa 171425, 1984)

Rockin' Horse (UK, 1971)

Although released in 1971 the A side sounds like it could be from a late 70s powerpop record . The B side has more of a 60s sound. The A side is from the Yes It Is LP which has been reissued by Sing Sing Records. The 7" was reissued with a different B side in 1979. Their other 1971 7" release is featured here.

Rockin' Horse - Biggest Gossip In Town / You Say 7" (Philips 6006 156, 1971)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tiz / P.O.W. (Finland, 1983 - 1985)

Here are a couple of obscure Finnish rock 7"s that someone sent to me recently so I thought I'd pass them along. Both of these were new to me. Thanks to "Johnny" for sharing.

Tiz - Hymyilevä nukke / Mä haluun tietään 7" (Femme Fatale FISH 4, 1983)
P.O.W. - Freelady / The Lost Love 7" (-, 1985)

No Exit (Canada, 1980)

I had planned to post this LP at some point but just haven't got to it. Vancouver, 1980. Now you can take a listen here. It's one of those records that is rare (and expensive) but not something I've ever thought was particularly good. There are other things I'd rather spend $500+ on.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sturgeons / Suburban Slag (Canada, 1979 - 1980)

In case you aren't aware of the Calgary Cassette Preservation Society I'd like to direct you to 2 of their recent postings: Suburban Slag and the Sturgeons. You may already know the Sturgeons from the classic Punk Rock Virgins 7". Now you can check out 14 more songs!

Outtakes (USA, 1983)

All I could find about this one was a past eBay auction describing it as weird and scary. "Two songs from St. Louis artist recorded back in '83 and this is truly a love or hate proposition ... Vocals are rough-going and arrangements are all over the map. Subject matter is key here ...". Ignoring the lyrical content, I find "Chuckie" to be the better of the 2 songs.

Outtakes - Motion Denied / Chuckie 7" (TS83-1190, 1983)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Expedition Punitive (France, 1983)

No date on the record but apparently this band was from Lille and they released only this 7" in 1983 on a Belgian label. The A side appeared on the Powerpearls Vol. 7 compilation.

Expedition Punitive - Un Samourai / Midnight In The Subway 7" (Moss KRM 640, 1983)

Heavy Manners (Belgium, 1979)

Tournai group founded in 1978 with a sound inspired by the Stranglers and Cure. The A side has been advertised as "punk" but that may be stretching things just a bit. The B side is a (mostly) instrumental ska tune.

Heavy Manners - World War Six / Attention 7" (Heavy HR 001, 1979)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Johnny and The Knuckleheads (USA, 1981)

From Tulsa, Oklahoma, this is their first release. Ignore the cover photo - there are no saxes to be found here. It was followed by another 7" in 1982 and an LP in 1983 that I don't have. I had seen one for sale for something like $150 so I thought it would be worth a shot when I found one for $20. It's not bad but I'm glad I didn't pay too much more for it.

Johnny and The Knuckleheads - Radio On / I Love Her Madly 7" (Knuckle DR-1981, 1981)

Dreamers (USA, 1984)

Female vocal powerpop from Santa Barbara, California. There's more here.

Dreamers - Gimme Sun, Boys, Rock 'n Roll Music / In The Summer Night 7" (Fired Records (no #), 1984)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Bacchus (Belgium, 1982/3)

Hard rock / metal / almost punk at times obscurity from Belgium on the Gamm label from Tournai. The internet dates this one as 1982 or 1983.

Bacchus - Waiting / Live My Life Every Day 7" (Gamm GAMM 0055, 1982/3)

Cabal (Canada, 1985)

This probably isn't a picture sleeve that would induce you to check out the record unless you were particularly interested in songs inspired by Halley's comet. For a few dollars spent it wasn't too bad although I prefer the B side. This one is from the Toronto area.

Cabal - Halley's Coming / Sparks 7" (Warped WARP 1111, 1985)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dale Lodder (Canada, 1981)

Decent hard rockin' tune on the A side of this Canadian obscurity from Calgary. So what the fuck happened on the B side? Absolutely awful! From the back of the sleeve: "Ghostrax Records is proud to announce the debut single from the newest arrival in their talent line-up. The energy exuding from this man and his music is phenomenal! We certainly look forward to a bright future for this outstanding addition to the music scene of the 80's." I'm not aware of any other releases either from the man or the label.

Dale Lodder - Demon / Lonely 7" (Ghostrax GTX-8101, 1981)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Charts (Belgium, 1979)

This one has been appearing a few times on eBay recently, and each time it seems to sell for more, with the last one hitting close to $200. This was the auction description: "In demand end of the 70's, early 80's D.I.Y & self produced punk KBD style by the Charts from Belgium, brilliant raw and wild tunes. One of the rarest Belgian punk single."

Charts - Tears / Time Is Up 7" (Eden A009, 1979)

Sun Rock (Belgium, 1981)

Pop-rock/powerpop from Belgium. The only reference I can find online for it says it was released in 1981.

Sun Rock - Backstage Lady / Motion Picture Queen 7" (Mark MR 029, 1981)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Headlites (USA, 1980)

Female vocal rock/powerpop from St. Petersburg / Clearwater, Florida.

Headlites - Danny / Look Look Look 7" (Delso NR11678, 1980)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Zox (USA, 1979)

US rock obscurity. The A side might even be included in the powerpop / punk area as well depending on your standards. There's an address in Englishtown, NJ written on the A side whatever that might indicate.

Zox - Strange Love / Star 7" (Pyramis PR 001, 1979)

Stewart Struzer (USA, 1983)

Another US rock obscurity for today, this one is from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I like the B side on this one.

Stewart Struzer - Blow Away / Drone 7" (Stew Records (no #), 1983)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Some Swedish 7"s (1979 - 1983)

Here are several random Swedish 7"s. You'll find punk, powerpop, reggae, rock and even some prog. I don't know much about any of them. The date of the Infektion is not clear - different places say 1978, 1979 or 1981. Do I hear 1980?

96% - Fotomodell / Förr i tiden 7" (Noon SNS-831, 1983)
Blixt Gordon - I dina ögon / Sussie 7" (Efel SEF 7955, 1979)
Infektion - Dimman // Hasch / 1-2-3-4 .... 7" (TYP-1, 19??)
Respect - Jag vill va som Lennart Hyland / Rysk Roulette 7" (CTR 480, 1980)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Los B-83 (Peru, 1983)

We continue the cheesy posts from Peru with this ... Sound familiar?

Los B-83 - Di-Dom Di-Dom I and II (Para tí, para mí / Es así, dilo así) (CBS CSR-1239, 1983)

Dr. No (Peru, 1983)

Check out the dudes on the sleeve. Now imagine what the record might sound like. It probably wasn't what you were expecting.

Dr. No - Turn Out The Lights / Out Of Style 7" (CBS CSR-1243, 1983)

Witchcraft (Switzerland, 1983)

Metal/rock band from Wetzikon (near Zürich). 

Witchcraft - Runnin' Away / Dead End Street 7" (Musk mp 10-829, 1983)

Homo Electrica (Sweden, 1977)

This one was posted by on the Punk Business Manager site way back in 2008. I thought it was time for a repost in case anyone missed it. There's lots of info in the original post but basically four high school lads form a band to attract girls and record this lo-fi gem after a school concert. They pressed up 200 copies as cheaply and as D.I.Y. as possible.

Homo Electrica - Beat On / Surviver 7" (Violent Vinyl / Whirling One WNG 1, 1977)

Illusions (Australia, 1981)

There really isn't anything I can say about this LP that hasn't been said here.

Illusions - Mirror Image LP (Shark SF359, 1981)
(Won't Look Back / Say It Isn't True / Gone Too Far / Idle Hours // My Favourite Pastime / Café Le Glove / I Was There / Looking In The Eyes Of Love)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Illusions (Australia, 1980)

The Illusions were from Melbourne and released one EP in 1980 and an LP called Mirror Image in 1981. The sound is mostly a pop/rock mix with a powerpop edge. 100 copies of the EP were made and most were sent out to radio stations. The EP did make the top ten of the 3RRR chart in January 1981 along with bands like The Church, The Clash, Fad Gadget, Mental As Anything and Midnight Oil. The LP is in a similar style to EP. More on it later. The cover of the EP is really more of a yellow color than shown but my camera does a lousy job with yellow.

Illusions - s/t EP (Empire Builder / Summertime // Dreams / Illusions) (Shark SF 350, 1980)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hypnotics (USA, 1984)

This one was on eBay not too long ago where it was described as early 80's Detroit punk. Subsequent auctions showed that this does have a picture sleeve.

Hypnotics - Life Won't Wait / Life Of Crime 7" (Cheap 409059, 1984)

Odd Man Out (Canada, 1985)

The A side of this is absolutely awful. You have been warned. The B side on the other hand is cool with synths featuring prominently. I'd swear it was 2 different bands. Recorded in Hamilton, Ontario.

Odd Man Out - Whatever Happened To Us / World Of My Own 7" (A Major Record Label MRL-4001, 1985)

Anal Fleas (UK, 1982)

The Anal Fleas managed to release only 500 copies of this one EP. And it's a good one. A copy recently sold on eBay for £239, somewhat more than the historical average.

Anal Fleas - Landlord / Go Down // Psyche / Over The Edge EP (Rectal FLEA 45, 1982)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Museum of Canadian Music

Some of you may be aware of the Museum of Canadian Music site. Many of the reviews also have mp3's so you can get an idea of how good a record really is. Just about every genre of music is included. I've removed a number of things from my want list thanks to these reviews so the site has been very helpful.

mp3 Want List

Here's a list of some records I'm especially interested in hearing (along with the usual Clifford Evans Band, etc that you may have noticed at the right of the page).

Arson - Dirty Woman / I Can Explain 7" (Finland, 1982)
Bad Habit - Stormchild LP (Australia, 1977)
Blush - Everyday / Before We Came Together 7" (UK, 1979)
Brukuku - Zombie / A Cruise 7" (Netherlands, 1981) / De Nieuw EP (1981)
By Golly Band - Wasted Love / An Avocado Is Forever 7" (USA, 1981)
Head Office - Clicking In My Head / Life In The City 7" (UK, 1981)
Invader - Don't Blame It On Me / Anastasia 7" (Australia, 1981) [just the B side]
Phates - Cool Jerk / Tears Of A Dog 7" (UK, 1979)
Press - Hostage In The Embassy / President's Wife 7" (USA, 1980)
Risk - Why Do You Lie / With A T.V. 7" (USA, c1980)
Tramp Band - Don't Send Me Home 7" (USA, 1974)
Urban Gorilla // Ward 94 - split EP (USA, 1983) 
XTV & The Pacoima Rats - I Hate New York / Elect Me 7" (USA, c1981)

Any of these will be gratefully accepted at GirlsFromTahiti at gmail dot com.

Frazer Smith (USA, 1982)

KLOS DJ with the Malibu Mudhens on the A side and the Dumb Blonds on the B side. This one appeared on eBay a while back, initially listed with an opening bid of $700 and a "Buy It Now" price of something like $2500 if I remember correctly. OK, punk collectors on eBay often do get a little retarded but I think the seller was being just a tad optimistic. When it was relisted with a more realistic opening bid, it ended up selling for $27!

Check out the hype for this novelty:



My copy has a pressing flaw (shitty picture disk) so there is a skip on the B side. But it is a KBD SYNTH PUNK KILLER!!!!!! (Maybe a few more !!!!! would have lead to a selling price of more than $27?)

Frazer Smith - Cool Patrol / Party Machine 7" (Crushed Toy Music, 1982)

Brunettes (USA, 1981)

Powerpop from the Detroit area.

Brunettes - You And Me / Don't Laugh At Me 7" (International 1-81 IR, 1981)

Stan Katz (USA, 1980)

I picked this one up quite cheaply recently, going by an eBay description that it was "fuzz rock". I suppose the A side would qualify. I've also seen it described as "private loner folk" which I guess would be the B side. Discogs has it listed as rock / punk.

Stan Katz - Weekly Magazines / All I Want Is You 7" (Pete 'n Al CAC 1002, 1980)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

V/A - Outsiders LP (Greece, 1985)

New wave / post punk / synth compilation of Greek bands: Anti-Troppau Council, Venericna Bolest, Libido Blume, Not 2 Without 3 and X-Mandarina Duck.

V/A - Outsiders LP (Di Di Music Δ.Δ. 10, 1985)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Anal Babes (Norway, 1992)

From the Anal Babes website:

The band continued to tour Oslo and appeared on some compilation records like "shit too early"(bbr1) and "penguins and bondage"(thats entertainment rec's) ,before the Anal Babes first full length album came out in 1992

This record is one of the most essential Rock ever to come from Tellus! The self-produced songs include now classic songs like "Fuckstuck", "Technicolor yodel", "Cornuto contente", "Hezbollah" and "Bad compulsion"

The "B"-side of the album includes cover versions of songs by bands like Freestone ,Punk Force Commando, Unnatural Axe,Vox Pop,DMZ,Alan Milman Sect,Big Balls And The Great White Idiot and BLACK FLAG 
The first 500 copies had individual covers-no two were alike-and the vinyl came in nine different shades of brown(!).
A total KILLER in other words.
The record sold out strait away ,of course, and the second pressing did likewise .
Anal Babes - The Dignity of The Anal Babes Is Unimpeachable LP (Big Ball BBR 006, 1992)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Living Intents (UK, 1980)

Powerpop. 500 copies. Their only release.

Living Intents - (All The) Nice Boys // Janine / Said It So EP (Powerfull Pierre PPP-001, 1980)

Lancaster Band (South Africa, 1981)

New wave/rock band from South Africa. The LP has been reissued (a different mix) - this is the original vinyl issue. More info.

Lancaster Band - Comic Strip Heroes LP (EMI Brigadiers EMCJ(L) 11575, 1980)
(Modern Science / Just Can't Help Myself / Henry Harpic's Holidays / Natural Lift / The Boys // Comic Strip Heroes / The Kite / Denture Adventures / The Girls)

Volcano Fo Lé Ferret LP (UK, 1980)

Some nice D.I.Y. punky pop from 2 bands sharing an LP. One side each from The Trudy and The Magnificent 7.

Volcano Fo Lé Ferret LP (Binkie BIN 033, 1980)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Aburadako - various live (Japan, 1983 - 1984)

Aburadako began in 1983 as a hardcore punk band, releasing a flexi and a 12" EP on the ADK label before starting to move off in a more avant-garde rock direction. You should be able to find both ADK releases around various blogs without too much effort. Both the ADK releases and the tracks from the V/A - Great Punk Hits LP have been released on CD with different live tracks. This is a compilation of various live material that starts out with the 4 live songs from the out of print OK CD and includes things from various tapes I've accumulated over the years. I've never bothered to figure out the song titles but some I recognize from the flexi and 12". Sound quality varies as would be expected.

Aburadako - various live recordings (1983 - 1984)
#1 - 4: from OK Records CD compilation
#5 - 11: from a promo live tape (at least that's what I was told)
#12 - 20: Shibuya, Yaneura (12/19/1983)
#21 - 29: Shinjuku Jam (07/13/1984)
#30 - 31: ? Tokyo (06/24/1984)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Akvaryum (Turkey, 19?)

Yet another one I know almost nothing about. Google says Akvaryum = Aquarium. Pleasant songs with maybe a pop/psych feel. It could be from the 70's although I seem to remember reading somewhere it is mid 80's.

Akvaryum -Galip Dede / Bir Gün Ihtiyarlarsin 7" (Yonca YCAS-071, 19??)