Sunday, July 31, 2011

Anal Fleas (UK, 1982)

The Anal Fleas managed to release only 500 copies of this one EP. And it's a good one. A copy recently sold on eBay for £239, somewhat more than the historical average.

Anal Fleas - Landlord / Go Down // Psyche / Over The Edge EP (Rectal FLEA 45, 1982)


Anonymous said...

Great man , "Landlord" is a "Killer"!!Please more!!

bristolboy said...

"Landlord" did deserve to get comped on the "Bored Teenagers" LP
- hence why it's jumped up in price I suppose -
but you can see why the other 3 were ignored (good tracks but nothing spectacular)

Anonymous said...

Is that what an anal flea really looks like? Then I've got them all over. I guess they don't just stay down there.

Mort Subite said...

Actually I think it is a louse rather than a flea.

Anonymous said...

It's a pubic louse actually! Thanx for the nice comments
Jon Flea
PS I wish I had some more copies left to sell on e-bay!