Monday, November 30, 2009

Obscure Canada - Vol. 1 - Part 2

Here are the other songs from some of the Canadian 7"s that I posted previously. Now you can decide if I originally posted the best song or if they both stink!

Androids - Over And Over
Buddy King & The Motion -  I Didn't Know Her
Cutz - Space In Time
Dundas - Can't You Hear Me
Edsells - She Escaped
Gas - Evacuate
Paperboys - Saturday 12 Midnight
Pelicans - Pelicans
Psychotic Pineapples - Legal Limit

I'm still deciding what songs to pick for Vol. 2. If there are any requests, let me know and I'll see what I can come up with.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

V/A - 018/Tio Grupper LP (Sweden, 1980)

Here is a nice compilation LP of Uppsala bands. It starts off with 2 good punky tracks from The Stain who also did a 7" in 1981 and then tracks from the N-Liners and Rune Strutz who both released 7"s in 1978. The 7" tracks are more punk than what you find on this LP though. Rävjunk also released an LP and several 7"s which are all worth hearing. I'm not familiar with any of the other groups. 

V/A - 018/Tio Grupper LP (Svenska Love SLLP 07, 1980)
The Stain - Vill inte
The Stain - Den tysta verkligheten
N-Liners - Återfall i farten
N-Liners - Miljonär
Rune Strutz - En bracka från Gottsunda
Rune Strutz - Mobbad runt
Automania - Dyka
Automania - Beständigt cool
Rävjunk - Slå tillbaka
Caiza - Ångestskri
Olle - Se mig
Lepra - Två dagar från november
Lepra - Gräv upp jorden
Allan Ball - Drömmar om frihet
Allan Ball - Ingenting
Original Rummies - The Perfect Man
Original Rummies - Invisible Heartbreaker
Lars Garage - Robot City

Friday, November 27, 2009

V/A - KBD 50 and 51 LPs (Sweden)

This post contains all Swedish punk and no American junk!

These 2 LPs came out in 2003 (at least that's the date on the back of the covers). According to the note on the back of the sleeves: "Out now, KBD 50 and 51, two fine new volumes containing obscure punk rock from the first years of punk in Sweden. This is not meant to be some kind of "Best of Swedish punk" comp, this is just some of the rarest shit I could dig up from my record collection. I hope there will be some new stuff for everybody. By the way, none of the appearing records were pressed in a quantity larger than 500 (one exception OK)".

Many of the records on these compilations have been posted previously here or at Killed By Death Records.

V/A - Killed By Death #50 LP 
Jonström - P3 (1979)
Quizz Kidz - Tomorrow (1980)
Morgan - I Want More (1980)
High Voltage - I'm  A Fool (1978) [from V/A - Ljud Från Friberga LP]
Desperate Livin' - Gevär (1981)
Oss - Falska rykten (1980)
Tre Man Stark - Ensam (1982)
Cyklon B - Kris (1979)
Rock Set - Piteå kommun (1979)
Hangover - Sick Society (1978)
Kramp - Disciplin (1982)
Tripple Cripple - Born To Fuck (1981)
Pinheads - Säga ett (1981)
The End - Snutjävlar (1979) [says 1980 on the label]

V/A - Killed By Death #51 LP
Venerias - Monarki (1978)
DT & The Stoodes - Lev (1981)
Shit Kids - Frösö sjukhus 1984 (1979)
Zeppo & The Zepp-Zepps - Ode To Johnny Rotten (1978)
WBT - Hem från storan (1980)
Quiet Men - Mongoloid (1979)
Bizex-B - En våldtäkt i vinyl (1983)
Reklamation - (Trivs du i) Hjo? (1980)
Vanvett - Kurts Klagoord (1981) [from V/A - Åminne Punkfiesta LP]
Forssell - Punk-Plonk (1980)
Brigad 45 B - Nazismen (1980)
Bakrus - Lämrock (1980)
Arsenik - Bad Girl (1980)
ABC 80 - Pop i radion (1980)

It's a shame that the other song from the Venerias 7" was not included. With supposedly only 4 copies made, it isn't something that anyone will be finding very often. I would really like to hear the other song since it is claimed in the notes with the LP that it is better than the one we did get to hear. Has anyone other than the person who did the LP actually seen the record or heard the other song?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

V/A - Back Seat Love LPs

Here are the 2 volumes of the BackDoorSeat Love LPs that were requested some time ago. They came out sometime back in the late 90's flood of punk/powerpop compilations and feature all American punk/powerpoop. I only know of these 2 volumes. Many of these bands are pretty well known and you can probably find more of their songs on various other blogs.

V/A - Back Seat Love 1 LP
Jumpers - Sick Girls (1979)
Zippers - You're So Strange (1977)
Hitmakers - Everything Is Gettin' Better (1978)
Cold - Three Chord City (1980)
Nasty Facts - Crazy 'Bout You / Get To You (1981)
AD's - Living Downtown (1978)
Shock - Gone For Good (1978)
Beex - (My Heart Goes) Beat Beat (1980)
Gary Valentine - Tomorrow Belongs To You (1978)
Innocent - Wanna Get Around (Canada, 1980)
Hitmakers - Lose (1978)
Regular Guys - Too Dumb (1979)
Testors - Time Is Mine (1980)
Reruns - So, So Alone (1978)
Pastiche - Flash Of The Moment (1976)

V/A - Back Seat Love 2 LP
Reactions - Tonight (1980)
Accelerators - It's Cool To Rock (1979)
Dred Scott - I Believe You All (1979)
Chronics - Test Tube Baby (1978)
Hilary Laddin - City Of Fame (1980)
Salvation Army - Mind Garden (1981)
Jetboys - Get The Kids Jumpin' (1981)
Invaders - Fast Girl (1979)
Rubber City Rebels - Paper Dolls (1978)
Boys Life - I Found Her (1981)
Last Ones - Number One Again (1983)
Flashcubes - Wait 'Till Next Week (1979)
Necessaries - Runaway Child (1979)
Reruns - Since You Gotta Cheat (1978)
Tot Rocket and The Twins - Reduced (1980)
Boys - You Make Me Shake (1978)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Obscure Canada - Vol. 1

Recently I've been recording a bunch of Canadian records for someone. What you get here are some lesser known songs all taken from 7"s. Some have appeared in the past on eBay under the guise of "megarare KBD punk/powerpop". Keeping in mind that "KBD" and "powerpop" are among the most overused (and abused) terms (next to "rare" and "mint") on eBay I'll leave it up to you to decide whether these are worth searching for.

Androids - Roller Derby Queen (1979) From Toronto.
Roland Blinn & The Fishermen - Tense (198?) From Halifax. Not sure of the year but maybe early 80s. It is on the Nerve label, same as the excellent Phollop Willing P.A. 7". Also released an LP called "Rosebud" in 1989.
Blue Oil - Money (1982) All girl band from Montreal. See them do "Sardine City":

Buddy King & The Motion - Schoolgirl Alibis (1981) From Vancouver.
Cutz - Nuclear Hall Of Fame (1981) From Calgary. Same label as Verdix and Plan 9.
Dundas - Bloodshot In Your Eyes (1979) From around Hamilton? Same label as The Innocent and Tyro EPs.
Edsells - Don't Wanna Go To School (1981) From Vancouver.
Gas - Special This Week (1979) From Toronto area.
T.H.E. Hab - You Make Me Glow (early 80's?) No idea where this is from.
Idols - Reajean (1980). From Saskatoon. Members later formed the Northern Pikes.
Mix - Break Up Shake Up (1985) From Nanaimo. Has been known to sell for high prices.
Mr. Science - Popeshat (1990) From Toronto.
Paperboys - Looking For Sharon (1981) From Toronto?
Pelicans - New Wave (1979) From Brantford, Ontario.
Psychotic Pineapples - Stranded (1980s) From Kingston.
Suspects - Raining Over France (1979) From Toronto. Became The Deserters who released a couple of LPs.
Tickets - It Don't Matter (1980) From Calgary. Taken from a 4 song EP called "Extended Play".
Uranus - I'm Wonderful (1978?) From London. This is from an EP released prior to their "You're So Square" LP.
Zipper - Another Boyfriend (1980?) From Victoria.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Curtains (Canada, 1981)

Staying in Canada here's an EP from the Curtains who were from Ottawa. This was their only release as far as I know. It was distributed by Mannequin Records from Burlington, Ontario, who also released records by Kinetic Ideals, The Filters, Ceramic Hello, etc.

Curtains - Twist'n Up The Beach // Your Garden / Kari-Anne EP (CSA / Mannequin MAN004, 1981)