Wednesday, November 25, 2009

V/A - Back Seat Love LPs

Here are the 2 volumes of the BackDoorSeat Love LPs that were requested some time ago. They came out sometime back in the late 90's flood of punk/powerpop compilations and feature all American punk/powerpoop. I only know of these 2 volumes. Many of these bands are pretty well known and you can probably find more of their songs on various other blogs.

V/A - Back Seat Love 1 LP
Jumpers - Sick Girls (1979)
Zippers - You're So Strange (1977)
Hitmakers - Everything Is Gettin' Better (1978)
Cold - Three Chord City (1980)
Nasty Facts - Crazy 'Bout You / Get To You (1981)
AD's - Living Downtown (1978)
Shock - Gone For Good (1978)
Beex - (My Heart Goes) Beat Beat (1980)
Gary Valentine - Tomorrow Belongs To You (1978)
Innocent - Wanna Get Around (Canada, 1980)
Hitmakers - Lose (1978)
Regular Guys - Too Dumb (1979)
Testors - Time Is Mine (1980)
Reruns - So, So Alone (1978)
Pastiche - Flash Of The Moment (1976)

V/A - Back Seat Love 2 LP
Reactions - Tonight (1980)
Accelerators - It's Cool To Rock (1979)
Dred Scott - I Believe You All (1979)
Chronics - Test Tube Baby (1978)
Hilary Laddin - City Of Fame (1980)
Salvation Army - Mind Garden (1981)
Jetboys - Get The Kids Jumpin' (1981)
Invaders - Fast Girl (1979)
Rubber City Rebels - Paper Dolls (1978)
Boys Life - I Found Her (1981)
Last Ones - Number One Again (1983)
Flashcubes - Wait 'Till Next Week (1979)
Necessaries - Runaway Child (1979)
Reruns - Since You Gotta Cheat (1978)
Tot Rocket and The Twins - Reduced (1980)
Boys - You Make Me Shake (1978)


Anonymous said...

After the "Powerpearls" & "Teenage Treat" series you continues to kill. I'm looking for to listened these 2 comps since longtime ago. A good surprise, so thank you again. Do you know or have these 2 series "Pure British Pop for Raw People" and "Raw and Rare British Punk"

topper said...

thank you....interesting posts (again)

Albino Cavewoman said...

Wow! Are you kidding me? This is tremendous! You Sir, are a genius! Thank you.

bonsai-superstar said...

Great stuff. Like, uh, "Anonymous" said, in the vein of PP and TT, this rocks. Thanks again!

teengenerate77 said...

Wow,excellent post. I can't believe I missed this.

gimmenoise said...

Great stuff. Especially luv the Nasty Facts.

Anyone have scans of the covers. Would like to put them on my ipod.

Anonymous said...

THANKS!!! This blog is amazing, just wish i found it sooner!