Saturday, November 28, 2009

V/A - 018/Tio Grupper LP (Sweden, 1980)

Here is a nice compilation LP of Uppsala bands. It starts off with 2 good punky tracks from The Stain who also did a 7" in 1981 and then tracks from the N-Liners and Rune Strutz who both released 7"s in 1978. The 7" tracks are more punk than what you find on this LP though. Rävjunk also released an LP and several 7"s which are all worth hearing. I'm not familiar with any of the other groups. 

V/A - 018/Tio Grupper LP (Svenska Love SLLP 07, 1980)
The Stain - Vill inte
The Stain - Den tysta verkligheten
N-Liners - Återfall i farten
N-Liners - Miljonär
Rune Strutz - En bracka från Gottsunda
Rune Strutz - Mobbad runt
Automania - Dyka
Automania - Beständigt cool
Rävjunk - Slå tillbaka
Caiza - Ångestskri
Olle - Se mig
Lepra - Två dagar från november
Lepra - Gräv upp jorden
Allan Ball - Drömmar om frihet
Allan Ball - Ingenting
Original Rummies - The Perfect Man
Original Rummies - Invisible Heartbreaker
Lars Garage - Robot City


Lars The Greek said...

Thanks, fun to hear this one again! Rävjunk´s discography should be posted on this blog, dammit!

topper said...

thank you

Martin said...

Caiza was the singer from Svart who did an EP and an LP on Stranded that are worth picking up even if they're not punk by definition, but more proto c86 a'la Twa Toots mixed with dark new wave.
The Lepra song "Två dagar från november" is actually a Rävjunk cover, and I think they shared at least one member.

Anonymous said...

The Original Rummies: quite good, actually! Thanx for posting this!

Anonymous said...

the stains rock!! great LP.

Punk Business Manager said...

Thanks for re-upping this (and other older postings)! I missed some of them the first time around.