Sunday, March 14, 2010

V/A - Vänd Oss Inte Ryggen LP (Sweden, 1982)

By request here is the Vänd Oss Inte Ryggen compilation LP released by the BITRAX Ramp label in 1982. The songs from the Trakaya Kids, Terror and Trött are my favorites. Other worthwhile releases I know of from the same label are the Terror 7", Andrèe & The Dancers 7" and the J.R. Band EP. Other than Terror, I don't think any of the other bands on the LP released anything else.

V/A - Vänd Oss Inte Ryggen LP (BITRAX Ramp BXL 1001, 1982)
Trakaya Kids - Nattens konung
Kroknäbb - Det suger och drar
Trött - Jag tror jag blivit kär
Baspop - Lilla staden
Burn Out - Nattliga stormar
Terror - Bakom stängda dörrar
Terror - Musiken som vapen
Trakaya Kids - Svenska Modellen
Baspop - Guds personal
Burn Out - Tiden
Trött - Maria skola
Kroknäbb - Mild muzak

[For some reason I never made a copy of this when I originally posted it so I no longer have the files readily available. Maybe some day I'll rip it again.]

Friday, March 5, 2010

Obscure Canada - Vol. 3

Here's another bunch of Canadian punk, pop and junk. Lots of eBay "KBD", "punk" and "powerpop" once again. The Antennas, Living End, Skoolboyz and Murray Reid Group are requests from last time. After this I think it is time for something from somewhere other than Canada.

Antennas - No Words (Toronto?, 1987) The 7" I have has the same song on both sides.
Blackpool - Standing Over There / Secrets (Vancouver?, 1970s?) Don't know anything about this one except the label was in Surrey, BC.
Chandells - One Track Mind (Calgary, 1980) 60's band reunited and doing 60's covers.
Deadbolts - Torture Chamber (Hamilton, 1984)
Genocide - Devil's Day (Winnipeg, c1980?)
Heartbeats - The Sun Won't Shine (Halifax?, 1984)
Insex - Play Or Die (Vancouver, 1982)
Jolly Tambourine Man - Apple Strudel Man (Toronto, 1984)
Living End - Death At An Early Age (Toronto, 1982)
Murray Reid Group - Drive Me Insane (Ottawa, 1983) From a 12" EP.
Nerve - Penchant (Edmonton, 1978)
Office - Physical (Edmonton, 1983)
Onits - Weekend Wrestler (Cambridge, 1981)
Promises - Valerie (Vancouver?, 1983)
Remedials - That Look (Montreal?, 1981)
Skoolboyz - Where's My Waitress? (Vancouver, 1982) From a 12" EP.
Terry &The Dreambeats - The Clown Song (Halifax, 1980)
Vendetta - I Wanna Be A Star (Ottawa?, 1978)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Me want Canadian records too!

There are still a few Canadian things that I'd really like to get to complete my collection.
MASTERBEATS - anything (c1980) From Kitchener, Ontario.
MR. SCIENCE - any cassette releases (Toronto, 1980's)
WARSAW - Entering Unobserved CD (Vancouver, 1980-81 recordings)

There are also a few Canadian records I'm looking for. I'm trying to restrict myself to records that are in some way GOOD. If you have something that seems unknown and worthwhile I may be interested. Here are the ones I'm most looking for:
HELLBENDERS - Ride On Blue / The Meaning Of It All 7" 
DAVID PEMBERTON - I Know What You're Doing / Winnebago 7" 
STRAIT JACKET - Simplex Detergent 7" 
TRAITOR - Mad On / The Writer 7" 

If anyone can help with any of these it would be much appreciated. Contact me at: GirlsFromTahiti at gmail dot com.

When it comes to obscure 70s and 80s Canadian records the price seems to be determined by two things: does **** have as many copies as he wants and is there one in the Museum. Once these two conditions are met prices tend to become somewhat reasonable. Consider the Trial 7" - apparently this is a $750 record in la la land. That would explain why one sold on eBay not long ago for $25. A more recent listing went unsold at the same price.

I do have a few spare Canadian records for possible trades including: Discords, Hi-Fi's, Joe College, Ladykiller EP, Ray Luxemburg, Mace (pre-Platinum Blonde), Nebraska 7" (w/ps), Phollop Willing P.A., Polaris Project LP, Strobic Axe LP, Trial (Video Warlord), Twitch (3rd 7"), Vox, Wheezing Dogz 1.EP, etc along with a bunch of dogshit I doubt anyone cares about. Like the fucking Hygiene Club.