Monday, October 31, 2011

Bacchus (Belgium, 1982/3)

Hard rock / metal / almost punk at times obscurity from Belgium on the Gamm label from Tournai. The internet dates this one as 1982 or 1983.

Bacchus - Waiting / Live My Life Every Day 7" (Gamm GAMM 0055, 1982/3)

Cabal (Canada, 1985)

This probably isn't a picture sleeve that would induce you to check out the record unless you were particularly interested in songs inspired by Halley's comet. For a few dollars spent it wasn't too bad although I prefer the B side. This one is from the Toronto area.

Cabal - Halley's Coming / Sparks 7" (Warped WARP 1111, 1985)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dale Lodder (Canada, 1981)

Decent hard rockin' tune on the A side of this Canadian obscurity from Calgary. So what the fuck happened on the B side? Absolutely awful! From the back of the sleeve: "Ghostrax Records is proud to announce the debut single from the newest arrival in their talent line-up. The energy exuding from this man and his music is phenomenal! We certainly look forward to a bright future for this outstanding addition to the music scene of the 80's." I'm not aware of any other releases either from the man or the label.

Dale Lodder - Demon / Lonely 7" (Ghostrax GTX-8101, 1981)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Charts (Belgium, 1979)

This one has been appearing a few times on eBay recently, and each time it seems to sell for more, with the last one hitting close to $200. This was the auction description: "In demand end of the 70's, early 80's D.I.Y & self produced punk KBD style by the Charts from Belgium, brilliant raw and wild tunes. One of the rarest Belgian punk single."

Charts - Tears / Time Is Up 7" (Eden A009, 1979)

Sun Rock (Belgium, 1981)

Pop-rock/powerpop from Belgium. The only reference I can find online for it says it was released in 1981.

Sun Rock - Backstage Lady / Motion Picture Queen 7" (Mark MR 029, 1981)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Headlites (USA, 1980)

Female vocal rock/powerpop from St. Petersburg / Clearwater, Florida.

Headlites - Danny / Look Look Look 7" (Delso NR11678, 1980)