Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yocki (Belgium, 1980)

Today's final post is from Belgium and has a sound similar to other Belgian novelty punk/wave acts like Plastichke, Bobby Ranger, etc although 1980 may be a bit late for the trend. The back of the cover has an address in Liege for the Yocki fan club. I wonder how many letters were about those pants?

It may be longer than usual before I post again since I have some recording projects that I need to get started on. I'll try and be back soon with a few things from South Africa and maybe a British rarity or two. 

Yocki - 10 heures du matin / Bobby 7" (Fly F. 20.744, 1980)

Disorder (Holland, 1981)

Lo-fi punk from the Dutch town of Ijsselstein.

Disorder - Fake Heads EP (Balance Of Power / Grey Is The Colour / Civilization // Glass Eye Threat / Just Another Picture / Fake Heads) (Disorder-001, 1981)

The Pop (Sweden, 1979)

Another Swedish unknown, likely from the late 1970's. The year 1977 is on the cover but I don't know if that is the year of the record or related to the Haninge Hockey Club. I'm thinking the recordings maybe be more likely 1979 or 1980 but that's just a guess. The B side, Haninge! Haninge! seems to be a song about the lads' favorite hockey club.

The Pop - Anna / Haninge! Haninge! 7" (Zeaphone ZEAS 3007, 1979)

Ch. Öfwerström Band (Sweden, 1980)

I don't know anything about this one. Google turned up nothing except recent auctions on Huuto and Tradera. If you're interested in it, it looks like it shouldn't cost you more than a Euro or two ... if you can find it. Nothing amazing, just something obscure.
[June 2014 update - thanks to the internet I have discovered this thing did come with a picture sleeve]

Ch. Öfwerström Band  - Here I Am / We All Fall Down 7" (Swedish Music Production SMPS 801-2, 1980)

Broken Silence (Canada, 1984)

This one has already been posted a while back over at the Vinyl Obscurity blog but I thought I'd post it again anyway. Synthy new wave from Toronto that sort of reminds me of Depeche Mode maybe. Catchy stuff. If you're into 80s synth / wave / pop there's plenty over at Vinyl Obscurity for you to check out.

Broken Silence - Nightstalking / Through The Glass 7" (Apperception apr 001, 1984)

Revolt (Sweden, 1982)

Here is a long-outstanding request, the 12" EP from Revolt released in 1982. Prior to this they released a split EP with Skälby-Örjans in 1981 that is more punk sounding than this release.

Revolt - Vår Blotta Existens ... 12" EP (Vik Hädan! Var Hälsad! / Vem Har Gett Som Rätten! / Stackarn / Tommy Boy // Desperat Svensk / Fritt Spelrum / Du Skola Betala För Ditt Liv! / Målet …) (no label, matrix #BNP-002, 1982)

Stormakt Gul (Sweden, 1980)

Powerpop/ska from Sweden. They also released a 12" EP in 1981.

Stormakt Gul - Tre minuters underhållning / Pendeltåg till helvetet // Hjärndöd / Dödshjälp EP (Slick 13, 1980)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Cut In Destiny (Canada, 1976)

Another hard rocker that I couldn't find anything about. This one is likely from the US, maybe Canada. Google was no help.

[Info kindly provided by the producer of the record: I managed A Cut In Destiny during the 1970's. The band was Gary Lima, Dino Lima, Hayden Vialva(Juno Award winning Drummer) and Elton 'Groovy' Hull on Vocals. Orange records was my label based in the Kitchener Waterloo area in Ontario Canada. The record was produced by myself (Lewis Coulson) and the band and engineered by Daniel Lanois.]

A Cut In Destiny - Cruel Woman / You Don't Really Care 7" (Orange LC 1322, 1976)

Shattered (Canada, 1982?)

Moving into hard rock territory for a few minutes, here is an unknown hard rocker from Grand Bend, Ontario. When it appeared on eBay a year or so ago it was described as a "Killer rare proto-metal/hard rock ripper from Ontario ... ". The SH 82-1 catalog number may indicate a 1982 release date.

Shattered - The Way It Is / No Slow Song 7" (Shattered SH 82-1, 1982?)

Tickets (Canada, 1980)

There were several bands called The Tickets that existed around 1979-1980. Ones that immediately come to mind were from England and Switzerland. France had one called Ticket. This one appears to be from Calgary, Alberta and this 4 song rock/powerpop EP was likely their only release.

Tickets - Extended Play 7" EP (Hey Geraldine / Cutting Out // It Don't Matter / Dry Ice) (Box Office DWM - 4507, 1980)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mania (Canada, 1988?)

This one is totally new to me. It is from Toronto. There is no date on it but from the label number (8801) I'm going to guess 1988. Usually I don't pay much attention to most things from that era but the name and cover photo caught my interest. The songs are pleasant pop tunes but from the name and the cover photo I was expecting something with maybe a bit more energy.

Mania - In Your Eyes / My First Love 7" (Delca SDC-8801, 1988?)

Numberz (Canada, 1981)

I've been looking for the Numberz record for years, ever since I saw it listed on eBay as (of course) "powerpop". I finally found a copy and needless to say, it isn't. At least it didn't cost me much to find out. The A side is tolerable and the less said about the B side the better. For anyone looking for it because you saw it on my wanted list, you may wish to reconsider.

Numberz - Gimme Cash / Discharmonic Dance 7" (Premiere PR. 1000, 1981)

Other Guys (Canada, 1982)

After a little vacation I'm back with some Canadian obscurities. First up is a 10" EP of powerpop/rock from The Other Guys who appear to be from the Toronto area. Sealed copies have been selling on eBay this year in the $30-70 price range.

Other Guys - s/t 10" EP (Hollywood Queen / Cindy / Lonely Other Guys // High School Girls / Ordinary Man / (Bloody) Lies) (Night Sound NSP 1003, 1982)