Sunday, March 18, 2012

*****,***** (Cough, Cough) (Australia, 1982)

Mostly instrumental, at times experimental, at times noisy, fast and abrasive, *****,***** (Cough, Cough) consisted of a bass player in his mid-20's, a college student, and a drummer still in high school. This is their first cassette release - a compilation of 1980 to 1981 recordings from various sources. Their second cassette is available at Aberrant Adherents. There is also an interview and several tracks on the Fast Forward cassette magazine series - Volume 4 and Volume 13.

*****,***** (Cough, Cough) - 1 cassette (1+1 001, 1982)

NOTE: Download removed by request.
Update (June 6, 2014): I had thought their material was to be available online by now but I can't seem to find any mention of it anywhere.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sphex / Twitch - 1970's Canadian reissues

The Supreme Echo label has done a great job reissuing 3 previously almost unknown Canadian 1970s rock / proto punk records. Originally released as private pressings of around 100 copies very few people had ever heard of these records. Nicely released with quality sleeves and detailed booklets these are highly recommended.

Both are available directly from the label on eBay or via the email address on their website

This Canadian teenage group from small-town Ontario had their own mature sound, predating punk and surpassing all older groups in the region.  Recorded for a soundtrack at the Montreal National Film Board in 1976 and released in 1977, "Time" is a dynamic heavy rocker, whereas "Leaving This Crazy City" is a proto-punk surprise!  Originally issued as a private press, sleeveless gold labelled 45 in a very small edition, now reissued with repro labels, deluxe picture sleeve (not fold-over), and 16 page booklet with detailed history & tons of photos.  For fans of the many other little known proto-punk hard rockers of the mid-70s.  Fully authorized, limited edition of only 600 copies. (Supreme Echo, 2012) 

Canada's long lost doom/proto-punk legends finally unleashed! Distancing themselves from the bustling local psych scene, they formed in 1971 on the rural outskirts of Vancouver becoming a hard rock trio unlike any other local group. A newspaper article dated January 18, 1973 mentions "the ear-splitting Twitch" playing regularly to capacity audiences. Twitch's legacy is the missing link for both early '70s proto-punk and proto-metal of the Pacific Northwest region; what was yet to come during 1974-78 only confirmed such to be true. Originally issed as two separate sleeveless 45's in very small editions, now compiled onto one EP with orange repro labels, deluxe picture sleeve (not fold-over), and 16 page booklet with detailed history & tons of photos. Fully authorized, limited edition of only 600 copies. (Supreme Echo, 2012)   

The label also has a number of future releases planned: watch for Northern Haze, Neos, Twitch and Dishrags LPs!