Sunday, March 18, 2012

*****,***** (Cough, Cough) (Australia, 1982)

Mostly instrumental, at times experimental, at times noisy, fast and abrasive, *****,***** (Cough, Cough) consisted of a bass player in his mid-20's, a college student, and a drummer still in high school. This is their first cassette release - a compilation of 1980 to 1981 recordings from various sources. Their second cassette is available at Aberrant Adherents. There is also an interview and several tracks on the Fast Forward cassette magazine series - Volume 4 and Volume 13.

*****,***** (Cough, Cough) - 1 cassette (1+1 001, 1982)

NOTE: Download removed by request.
Update (June 6, 2014): I had thought their material was to be available online by now but I can't seem to find any mention of it anywhere.


Holly said...

Thank you!

Dane said...

Wow thanks a ton for this. Really been wanting to hear it, and I will definitely link back.

Anonymous said...

I've got this cassette, but never knew about the second one, so thanks to you and Dane for that. Cathy Green went onto replace Steve Cafeiro in Sydney band X, although they moved to Melbourne then.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I have been looking for their albums for years; most folks I ask about this band have no idea what I'm talking about.
best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for allowing this shower of brilliance to glide through my aural canals.

Any chance you would post a link of the reissue and/or the bandcamp?


Taralezh said...

And as of 2016 still nothing offical has been anounced, so please, can you post a link for this ?