Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Domestic Animals / Animals Fight Back (Canada, 1983/84)

Two cassette tapes featuring bands from London, Ontario from 1977 - 1984. Various sources, varying sound quality. As with many compilations of this era there is punk, new wave and more. The best known among punk fans would be the Demics and NFG/63 Monroe; both had several vinyl releases. Other bands with vinyl releases in this time period: Crash 80's, Generics, Mettle, Hippies, Sheep Look Up, Regulators, Sinners and Spiral Scratch. The Nihilist Spasm Band (avantgarde / noise) have had a number of releases since the 60's. You can find more from some of these bands at the CHRW - London Music Archive including The Terminals.

V/A - Domestic Animals cassette (1983)

 V/A - Animals Fight Back cassette (1984)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crash (Netherlands, 1981)

Whenever I see this one it is usually accompanied by adjectives such as punk, KBD, killer, powerpop. I'll let you judge whether it lives up to the usual hype.

The Crash - New York / Fair Exchange 7" (WS 198171, 1981)

Armatur (Sweden, 1980)

Hard rock/metal from Kristinehamn. Info: 500 copies, issued with help from the local music store Duvan.

Armatur - Rock 'n Roll / Mr. X 7" (Duvan LJ 630920, 1980)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pedestrians (Canada, 1980)

This one was posted on YouTube back in 2009, probably around the only time I've seen it on eBay where the auction was ended early. Other than that, all I found about it online was its inclusion on a few want lists and that they were likely from Toronto. Cool punk record - are they related to this disco outfit?

Pedestrians - Before Suicide / Suicide 7" (World Is Round WRC5-1369, 1980)

Skarecrow (Canada, 1977)

Other vinyl releases from this band include the (We Don't Need) René Lévesque 7" (apparently around only 10 copies survived) and a double LP. The only time I've ever seen this one on eBay it was listed as "psych" which I guess is another generic eBay description like "powerpop" or "KBD". The A side sounds like 70s pop-rock and I suppose the B side (which I like better) might be "psych"-y.

Skarecrow - Wrong This Time / 4 Minutes After 9 7" (Goat GR - 4444, 1977)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

HaClique (The Clique) (Israel, 1981)

The title of this LP is something like "Mother - I Do Not Want To Go Thru Rehab" or "Mommy, I Don't Want To Dry Up". Or perhaps "Mother, I Don't Want To Be Weaned" might be better as suggested in the comments. The sound is edgy new wave with some almost punk moments every now and again. There's a second LP from 1983 called "Crowded World". I don't find it as interesting as it is more of a rock/pop LP with some songs tending towards the style of this one. More info.

Clique - Mother - I Do Not Want To Go Thru Rehab LP (CBS 85078, 1981)

Promille (Sweden, 1979)

Hard rockers from Gislaved with their only release. There's maybe some hints of punk in there as well.

Promille - s/t 12" EP (Tonåring / Tjackpundaren // Låtsasliv / Drömmen) (UFS 794, 1979)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

T.H.E. HAB (Canada, 19??)

We'll do a few obscure Canadian records today, starting with 2 releases from T.H.E. HAB. As far as I know these were their only releases. No indication of where they were from but I'd guess the Vancouver area. One source says the first is from 1981 and calls it powerpop. I suspect these were both done about the same time since the dead wax #s are 3645 and 3646. For more Canadian obscurities check Out Of The ... Igloo!!

T.H.E. HAB - Sedentary Blues / You Make Me "Glow" 7" (HAB Records, 19??)
T.H.E. HAB - Get Tough / Don't You Know 7" (HAB Records, 19??)

Squeezeplay (Canada, 1984)

I came across this recently and the label name sounded promising and it was cheap. I was thinking maybe it was some kind of surf pop or something similar. There are no beaches in Edmonton unless you count the waterpark at West Edmonton Mall. The A side sort of grew on me after a few listens. Unless you like country boogie rock avoid the B side. Nothing at all found about it online.

Squeezeplay - Do I Do It Alright / Shake Shake (Let's Dance) 7" (Beach Party Records, 1984)

Mike Honeyman (Canada, 1983)

From the cover you might be expecting some kind of hippie / flower child folk especially since it is from Vancouver. It isn't that bad. The B side is unremarkable pop rock. The A side is more energetic and would easily pass for powerpop on eBay.

Mike Honeyman - A Life Like That / Win Or Lose 7" (self released MH 001, 1983)