Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Anatole Frantz (France, 1978)

Punk/rock from France. There doesn't seem to be much about them online though copies of the record seem to be available.

Anatole Frantz - Scandale / Le monde est fou 7" (Sonopresse 2 S 008-16614, 1978)

Korroosio (Finland, 1981)

Korroosio were a pop-punk/new wave band formed in 1979. Their first recordings from 1980 were released on the Asfalttidisco compilation LP. Their second release and best known song, Hei Hei Hei, was first released in 1980 on the Vaahtopäät compilation LP. The same version of the song also appeared on the Kyllä Tytöt Ymmärtää LP in 1982 (reissued in 2012). It has since appeared on several retrospective Finnish punk/new wave compilations. The song was re-recorded in 1981 and released as a 7". The B side, Hän on niin puhdas, is the same version as the LP.

Korroosio - Hei hei hei / Hän on niin puhdas 7" (California CS 001, 1981)

You can find the original version of Hei hei hei on youtube. Here's a 2010 reunion version: