Monday, May 23, 2011

Poison Ivy (Sweden, 19??)

Swedish mystery record. No info at all except both songs are credited to T. Rhodin and produced by B. Holgersson. Maybe from around 1980 but your guess is as good as mine.

Poison Ivy - Turn Me Loose / Party 7" (JOC-001, 19??)

Thought Police (Canada, 1979)

I don't know much about this one. It was recorded in Hamilton, Ontario and that is all I can tell you. Not really punk but still an interesting record. The Jr. Anti-Sex League provide vocals on 1984.

Thought Police - 1984 / Victory Square 7" (VC (Video Cabaret) Records, 1979)

Wavis O'Shave EP (UK, 1979)

Following an earlier post of the LP, there were several requests for the 7" EP, so here you go. Also released in 1979, this one is similar in style to the LP.

Wavis O'Shave - Denis Smokes Tabs (John Is A Figroll) EP (Company CR003, 1979)
(Denis Smokes Tabs / Mauve Shoes Are Awful / You Think You're A Woman Because You Don't Eat Fishcakes // Don't Crush Bees To Death With The End Of Your Walking Stick / The Figroll Song / Oh Peter Oh Steven)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Steroids (New Zealand, 1981)

One of three 7"s released from 1980 - 1981.They also had 3 tracks on the Wellingtonzone compilation LP in 1981. More here.

Steroids - Credit Card / Destination Tokyo 7" (BUNK Bunk 005, 1981)

The link for this has been removed ... all 3 singles are being remastered and will be available from iTunes. Since I don't use iTunes and don't plan on starting any time soon, maybe someone could let me know when these songs are available there? A CD (or even vinyl) release would be nice too.

[June 2014 update - still no idea if these are on iTunes or not. I also haven't seen anything of a CD or vinyl release.]

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

De Kuffers (Holland, 1977)

Dutch punk novelty from 1977 on Safety Pin (punk, eh?) records. Ik Wil Punk! = I Want Punk! Who doesn't?

De Kuffers - Ik Wil Punk! / De Drugwals 7" (Safety Pin ELF 65.129, 1977)

Kraft Durch Freude (Switzerland, 1979)

This one has been requested several times so I thought I would try and get it posted before the world ends this Saturday. I really hope their calculations are off because I'm getting a new sofa and TV this Saturday afternoon and I have a hot date Saturday night. Anyway, KDF were a 3 piece punk/powerpop band from Zürich that released this 12" and also a 7" which you can listen to here.

Kraft Durch Freude - Wir Bleiben Kameraden 12" EP (Off Course FFC 7907, 1979)
What I Like
You´ve Done It
Teenage On Top
I Want Some More
Berlin Wall
If The Women Rules The World I Kill Myself

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

P.F. Commando - Jag En Duva LP (Sweden, 1980)

Formed  in 1978 P.F. Commando would release 2 7" EPs and 2 LPs over the next 2 years. Here you have the second LP, of which 2000 were pressed and 1500 supposedly thrown in the junk due to poor sales. You can find their amazing first 7" EP here, the classic first LP (Manipulerade Mongon) here and the "In A Pose" (unreleased 1979) LP here. The "Rough Sound" EP doesn't seem to be available though, at least not that I could find.

P.F. Commando - Jag En Duva LP (Mamma TS-04, 1980)
Hemlig man
Bakom teleskopet
Jag blundar
Nu ska vi ha kul
Det ligger nån
Ensam hemma

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tension (USA/Canada, 1985)

This one has been posted elsewhere before but I thought I would include it anyway. Most hardcore records bore me but I don't mind this one. 3 members from Buffalo and one from St. Catharines.

Tension - Pericolo di Morte EP (Death Of A Nation / Mr. America / Recruits // Preserved / Put It Out) (Tantrum, 1985)

Trespassing Bean Rays (Canada, 1982)

Obscure Canadian indie release from Ottawa. No punk to be found here but I think the first song from each side isn't too bad. The second song of Side 1 is included for completeness but I would advise against it.

Trespassing Bean Rays - s/t EP (Cleanorama Stakes / Heart Of The Mind // Heer Comes The Future / Eclipse) (Altair Four, 1982)

Wavis O'Shave LP (UK, 1979)

It would seem that Wavis was quite infatuated with a certain News At Ten newscaster. Her engagement announcement on 25/6/79 apparently sent the poor chap over the edge. You can listen to the result of that tragic event on this LP. Special thanx to Fatty Round's mother for the use of her kitchen (although she knew nothing of the event) and the neighbours for not calling the constabulary. If this or his 7" EP (Denis Smokes Tabs (John Is A Fig Roll)) are of any interest you should be able to find them pretty cheaply.

Wavis O'Shave - Anna Ford's Bum LP (Anti-Pop AP2, 1979)
(I'm In Love With Her Shoe / Shoes / Sid Is Dead / She's A Prune // Bit Spray Sir? / Anna Ford's Bum / Nebbism, The Essence / Jeremy's A Pansy / 25/6/79 (Come Back Anna))