Tuesday, February 24, 2009

V/A - Svenska Tonårsgrupper Vol. 3 LP (Sweden, 1981)

Here's a cool compilation that includes some bands you may have already heard of like Tripple Cripple, Onkel Kånkel and Sarah Coffman. There's also some other interesting things to be found with Vem Fan Är Håkan? and Stalin and The Icepikes among my favorites. I've never seen a Vol. 1 or 2 anywhere so maybe they don't exist? The Sarah Coffman track you can also find on the Vägra Raggarna Benzin Vol. 2 CD along with other great, rare Swedish punk. You should find both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 and buy them now! The Onkel Kånkel track is available as a bonus track on the Gyllene Tider CD (their 1983 LP plus 8 bonus tracks, what more could you want?).

Tripple Cripple released an excellent EP in 1981. Sarah Coffman released a good 7" in 1980, also on the Konkurens label (KONK 001). And Onkel Kånkel's Gyllene Tider LP was Konkurens KONK 003. I don't know of any other vinyl releases by the bands on this LP.

V/A - Svenska Tonårsgrupper Vol. 3 LP (Konkurens KONK 002, 1981)
Side 1
Mesk - Jag är ett problem
Tripple Cripple - Ung & grymm
Rövita Kon Anfaller - Spänd
Schlem - Gustavs barn
Onkel Kånkel - Nazzepenis i fuhrerns anus
Saken - 3 D.A.R.
Adolfs Gossar - Krossa Nazismen
Vem Fan Är Håkan? - Zombies
Side 2
Sarah Coffman - Fri energi
Sporten Är Död - Der Weltcup
Perversa Individer - Utslängd
Panik 90000 - Jordens tak
Alternativa Idioter - Män i svart
Alf Abbot - Gul & blå
Stalin & The Icepikes - Stulna apelsiner
Carl Smal &; Hans Bantartips - Happy End

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Absolute Beginners + Abstract (Sweden, 1982)

Two more Swedish 7"s this time ... Absolute Beginners and Abstract. If you would like to read more about them (and almost every other Swedish punk band from 1977 - 87 that released a record) you really should get The Encyclopedia of Swedish Punk. Two of the Abstract songs can be found on the GBG Punk Volym Två CD. Absolute Beginners was released by the Pang label which also released many other records with an assortment of punk, powerpop, rock, metal and other crap.

Absolute Beginners - The Swedish Way Of Life / London Town 7" (Pang PSI 044, 1982)
Abstract - Röde Raf / Besviken // Jag vill leva EP (Pulsating Beat JÖR 04, 1982)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jim Knopf und Lukas Der Lokomotivführer 7" (Switzerland, 1982)

Its off to Zürich, Switzerland now for a single that doesn't show up very often. This one is listed on the excellent Punk-Disco site and appears on a few wants lists. It is very likely the only thing that they released. Have a listen and the next time it shows up on eBay as a mega-rare KBD punk killer you can decide if it is worth more than CHF 10!

Jim Knopf und Lukas Der Lokomotivführer - TV Time / Je t'aime 7" (no label, 1982)

Friktion + Höst Sonat (Sweden, 1982)

Here are two Swedish singles that I recently found. Friktion would fall into the "powerpop" category I guess. Höst Sonat on the other hand seems like a more dark new wave. There isn't much information on the sleeves other than first names of the band members so I don't know where either is from. Both were recorded in 1982 - Höst Sonat in Gävle studio 1982-24-12 and Friktion in PärNilla Ljudstudio March/April 1982.

Friktion - Vill se / Skyddsängel 7" (Pärla PNLS 008, 1982)
Höst Sonat - Illusioner / James 7" (-, 1982)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Producers (UK) - LP (unreleased, test press?) (1980?)

This one popped up on eBay several years ago from a seller in Amsterdam. This is the only time I have ever seen it listed anywhere. It may be a test pressing of an unreleased LP. As far as I know the band only released 3 7" singles in 1980 on the Magic Moon and Edge labels. There is also an Australian released 12" EP. This LP is on the Magic Moon label and since it contains several songs that are also on the 7"s, I'm guessing it is also from around that time. How it ended up in an out of the way record shop in the Netherlands might be an interesting story. How many others were made and where are they? If you know anything about this one, please drop a line!

Producers - s/t LP (Magic Moon, 198? (unreleased))
Walk Right Back / Another Guy / On The Beach / I Want You / The Pulse // Nothing Comes Easy / Goin'  Steady / Revenge Is Sweet / I Got That Something / All The Rage.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

57 Kez - EP (Sweden, 1980)

Let's start off with a tasty Swedish treat. 57 Kez released this 3 song EP back at the top of the 80's, lasted for about a year and were never heard from again. Nice of them to leave us this goodie. You may have heard the song "Punks" on the 10" bootleg compilation "Bust" released back in 1998 or so.

57 Kez - Punks / Min punk / Herr samhälle EP (Rockslaget Rosla 1, 1980)