Sunday, February 8, 2009

57 Kez - EP (Sweden, 1980)

Let's start off with a tasty Swedish treat. 57 Kez released this 3 song EP back at the top of the 80's, lasted for about a year and were never heard from again. Nice of them to leave us this goodie. You may have heard the song "Punks" on the 10" bootleg compilation "Bust" released back in 1998 or so.

57 Kez - Punks / Min punk / Herr samhälle EP (Rockslaget Rosla 1, 1980)


Anonymous said...

Thanks A LOT! Been wanting to hear this for a long time. Added you to the link section as well :).

Mikael said...

Harri the basplayer is a very good friend of mine. After 57 Kez split he and Klas started the band Svea Svin. They have two songs on the Rockslaget lp. (Rockslaget Karlshamn 1982.) Nowdays he plays in the band, Dipper from Malmö. Check them out on My Space!

Martin said...

Anyway, the other band the bass player had was better than Svea Svin, called IBTV.