Tuesday, February 24, 2009

V/A - Svenska Tonårsgrupper Vol. 3 LP (Sweden, 1981)

Here's a cool compilation that includes some bands you may have already heard of like Tripple Cripple, Onkel Kånkel and Sarah Coffman. There's also some other interesting things to be found with Vem Fan Är Håkan? and Stalin and The Icepikes among my favorites. I've never seen a Vol. 1 or 2 anywhere so maybe they don't exist? The Sarah Coffman track you can also find on the Vägra Raggarna Benzin Vol. 2 CD along with other great, rare Swedish punk. You should find both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 and buy them now! The Onkel Kånkel track is available as a bonus track on the Gyllene Tider CD (their 1983 LP plus 8 bonus tracks, what more could you want?).

Tripple Cripple released an excellent EP in 1981. Sarah Coffman released a good 7" in 1980, also on the Konkurens label (KONK 001). And Onkel Kånkel's Gyllene Tider LP was Konkurens KONK 003. I don't know of any other vinyl releases by the bands on this LP.

V/A - Svenska Tonårsgrupper Vol. 3 LP (Konkurens KONK 002, 1981)
Side 1
Mesk - Jag är ett problem
Tripple Cripple - Ung & grymm
Rövita Kon Anfaller - Spänd
Schlem - Gustavs barn
Onkel Kånkel - Nazzepenis i fuhrerns anus
Saken - 3 D.A.R.
Adolfs Gossar - Krossa Nazismen
Vem Fan Är Håkan? - Zombies
Side 2
Sarah Coffman - Fri energi
Sporten Är Död - Der Weltcup
Perversa Individer - Utslängd
Panik 90000 - Jordens tak
Alternativa Idioter - Män i svart
Alf Abbot - Gul & blå
Stalin & The Icepikes - Stulna apelsiner
Carl Smal &; Hans Bantartips - Happy End


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is the only comp in the series and I think they just called it volume 3 for the fun of it. My favorite track is "Jag är ett problem" by Mesk. A pretty good compilation, but not the best Swedish comp in my opinion.

Spiring said...

Schlem were from Karlskrona, my hometown at the time, and apparently those who put together the LP made a mistake - the song is actually not "Gustavs barn" but "Moder Svea".

Anonymous said...

Is there any chanse that you'll upload this again? Jag vill verkligen, verkligen ha den.