Tuesday, October 20, 2009

222s (Canada, 1979-1981)

By request, and since I happen to have them at hand, here are the songs from both 7"s from this Montreal, Canada band. There is some info about them on Wikipedia and a bunch of videos on YouTube. Start with these:

The song "Hold Up", from a 1978 demo, appeared on the Only In Canada, Eh 77-81 Volume 1 CD compilation (Punk History Canada, PHC CD 0101). There was also a CD release called Montreal Punk - 78-81 (Sonik's Chicken Shrimp, SCS006) released in 2006. It has 8 demo tracks from 1979, 1 each from 1980 and 1981, several live songs and 4 bonus video tracks. It is well worth getting as is the Only In Canada, Eh CD.

222s - I Love Susan / The First Studio Bomb 7" (Rebel RB-7901, 1979)
222s - La poupée qui fait non / La poupée qui fait non (instrumental) 7" (Gamma AA-1703, 1981)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Culture Shock (Canada, 1983 - 1984)

From Vancouver, here's a nice little punky powerpop 7" that pops up on eBay every so often. It usually ends up selling in the $300-400 range. Only 300 made. There are 2 different sleeve variations.

I've also included the song "Stay Away" from the Undergrowth '84 cassette compilation of various Vancouver bands.

1977 Records in Japan has also released a CD compilation of studio and live material.

Culture Shock - Forever & Ever / Thought You Were A Friend 7" (JM-8352, 1983)
Culture Shock - Stay Away [from V/A - Undergrowth '84 cassette (1984)]

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Modern Minds (Canada, 1980)

An updated version of this post can be found here.

The Modern Minds EP has already been posted at the Sing Sing Blog and there is a CD with 11 songs available from Record Shop Base in Japan. I highly recommend this CD and while you're getting it you should also get the TNT (Switzerland) CD at the same time.

What you get here are several songs from a live radio broadcast of a Modern Minds show. I don't know the exact date but it was just after the release of the EP. Included are Modernettes and Pointed Sticks covers, 2 songs from the EP and 2 others. The original taped recording that these songs come from was quite noisy and there were reception problems during the Pointed Sticks song. However, we should be thankful that someone recorded this back when it was broadcast since there are some great songs included that are not available anywhere else.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

V/A - Rockslaget 3LP (Sweden, 1981)

From the label that released excellent 7"s by 57 Kez, Brigad 45 B / De Anhöriga and ABC 80 there was also this massive triple LP compilation. As with many compilation LPs of this era you'll find some punk and various other styles, some good, some not so good.

V/A - Rockslaget 3LP (Rockslaget RSL-1, 1981)
LP1: Unter Den Linden, Rum 237, ABC 80, Lancelot, Silvia Kids, Säpo, Störungsexperimente

LP2: Overdrive, Mercy, Interaction, Kalle Bollträ, A-Bombs, Ocean

LP3: Svea Svin, Nyx Negativ, Snoret Rinner, Svea Slakthus, Roman Holiday, Avec L'Amour, Rude Boys

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Powerpearls and BTR Outtakes (Sweden)

Some copies of the KBD/Powerpearls/BTR cassettes also came with 2 cd-r's of "outtakes" - songs that were not included since they weren't considered to be good enough or that were overlooked or forgotten when the cassettes were being done.

Here is the 2nd cd-r of outtakes from the KBD/Powerpearls/BTR cassettes. As usual, all songs are from 7" releases unless mentioned otherwise.

Life - I evighet (1981)
Drömpojkarna - Förslag (1979) [from s/t LP]
Trakaya Kids - Nattens konung (1982) [from V/A - Vänd Oss Inte Ryggen LP]
Kommissarie Roy - Jag saknar dig (1981) [from s/t LP]
Street Level - Damned Good Boy (1981)
Zeta - Vilken tjej (1979)
Borta På Vinden - Mina nya discojeans (1980)
Start - Rebellernas sista dans (1981)
Schnabel - Herre med portfölj (1981)
Aktiespararnas Årsmöte - Paris (1980) [from V/A - Hemliga Vågen LP]
Pang Pang - Trust Me Baby (1983)
Stavros & The Beat - It's My Day (1983) [from s/t 12" EP]
Ocean - I afton dans (1981) [from The But LP]
Victim - Det var då han vann (1982)
Promille - Drömmen (1979) [from s/t 12" EP]
Arrows - I Want To Give You Rock'n Roll (1981)
Ampa - Blackout (1982)
Oxid - Nattsnack (1981) [from Eklatant LP]
Kung Tung - Punk (1978)
Weed - Cancer (1982)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

KBD 96 - 99 Outtakes (Sweden)

Some copies of the KBD/Powerpearls/BTR cassettes also came with 2 cd-r's of "outtakes" - songs that were not included since they weren't considered to be good enough or that were overlooked or forgotten when the cassettes were being done.

So in case you haven't yet had your fill of obscure Swedish records here are some more for you to check out. All songs are from 7" releases unless mentioned otherwise. 

Skandal - Live With You (1983) [from V/A - Drag Utan Droger 4 LP]
Jonny Cartong - Freda igen (1980) [from Give The Iron LP]
Cortex - Napalm Sticks To Kids (1981) [from Spinal Injuries LP]
Warpigs - I'm An Alcoholic (1980) [from V/A - Drag Utan Droger LP]
Livets Krydda - Vi ska bli stjärnor (1980) [from V/A - Tappat i  Falkenberg 2LP]
Unos Kanoner - Benen i halsen på borgarjävlar (1982) [from Barm LP]
Bedrövligers - Spela bridge (1983) [from Hösten Fyrtiotvå i Bordeaux LP]
Orienterarrock - Jonny Bråttom (1982)
Pärlor - Ungdommen satsar (1982)
Fukt - Psykiska batonger (1979) [from V/A - Ruff & Fukt & Suck LP]
Gröna Hissen - Ute (1980)
Hans Andersson - Pettersson (1978) [from Funderingar LP]
Gryning - Hjälp mej bort (1983)
Tomtrick - Hunger (1980) [from Nya äventyr i tid å rum LP]
R.A.P. - Stolt försvar (1983) [from V/A - Pang i bygget LP]
Respect - Jag vill va som Lennart Hyland (1980)
Tables - Och i säven hörs ett sus (1980)
Missex - How Could You Do This (1981)
Masters - Rockballad om en stad (1981)
De Class - Klockorna (1983)
Opel Rekord - Två tomma händer (1980)
Kröösa-Maja Rockers - Hemma på min video (1984)
Famntag - Det har mamma sagt (1980) [from V/A - Alsterett-Aktiv Ungdom LP]
Dom Vässade - Batte (1981)
New Bondage - Tonight (1980)