Thursday, October 8, 2009

V/A - Rockslaget 3LP (Sweden, 1981)

From the label that released excellent 7"s by 57 Kez, Brigad 45 B / De Anhöriga and ABC 80 there was also this massive triple LP compilation. As with many compilation LPs of this era you'll find some punk and various other styles, some good, some not so good.

V/A - Rockslaget 3LP (Rockslaget RSL-1, 1981)
LP1: Unter Den Linden, Rum 237, ABC 80, Lancelot, Silvia Kids, Säpo, Störungsexperimente

LP2: Overdrive, Mercy, Interaction, Kalle Bollträ, A-Bombs, Ocean

LP3: Svea Svin, Nyx Negativ, Snoret Rinner, Svea Slakthus, Roman Holiday, Avec L'Amour, Rude Boys


Maria said...

Great stuff, Thank you!
Maybe you can help me with links to:
"Andra Bränder" Comp. LP 1981
"018-Tio Grupper" Comp. LP 1980
Stormakt Gul EP ("Tre Minuters Underhållning") 1980


Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for responding my request...

topper said...

Personally i found lp 3 the best of them.....fanx

Punkdemonium said...

It's a pity that i haven't found your blog all these months. Very good job!

Thanks for the music and for all the rare stuff!

Punkdemonium said...

I found a sample mix of the tracks of the Plastic Dolls' EP from 1984 that you have at your want list. This is the link

I read that only 100 copies were made and on ebay costs 843(!) dollars.

I am from greece but i didn't know the exist of this band.

trgec said...

great post as usual,this triple album sound interesting...but as i prefear good old punk would you or anybody be so kind and let me know who's punk on this i need to download all of them or can i get only links for punks...