Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stratus (Finland, 1980)

Obscure Finnish punk 7" that I can finally take off my want list! 2 short and sweet songs clocking in at around 2 minutes each. More info and photos here.

Stratus - Valhetta vain / Julkkis 7" (Pekko-001, 1980)

Rocktähde (Finland, 1981)

Another rare (100 copies) Finnish 7" , this one is from 1981. Wave/poppy punk. I think I prefer the B side.

Rocktähde  - Patsaat / Ruusu 7" (RT-01, 1981)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Polyvix (Switzerland, 1982)

The Discogs listing for this one describes it as "new wave". There were 300 copies in different handmade covers. As new wave goes it tends towards the weirder side of things, especially on Side B. There seems to be some postpunk, no wave and other things mixed in. There's sax, but not in a bad way. Some of the B side tracks were hard to separate so I've left them together.

Polyvix - s/t LP (Calypso Now 02, 1982)
(Alfie Die Tomate / Verbotene Liebe / Keiler / You // Radio I / In The Garden Of Japan / Erstbesteigung / Moerder / Paris - New York / Radio II / Susanne / Brian Ferry / links: Lego rechts: Tramway)