Thursday, May 28, 2009

Desperate Livin' (Sweden, 1981)

Back to Sweden for a tasty punk treat by Desperate Livin' from 1981. Songs from this EP have appeared on the Break The Rules #7 and Killed By Death #50 compilation LPs. According to the BTR #7 LP, 300 copies of the EP were pressed but around 100 of them got badly warped and were thrown away. Needless to say, this one doesn't turn up very much these days. There is also mention of a tape with 6 songs that are similar to those on the EP. Anyone have it?

Desperate Livin' - Stilla natt / Skär i mig / Gevär / No Way Out … EP (Desperate CTR 1081, 1981)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Swiss Vinyl Feast #4

Here's another batch of Swiss punk while I work on getting some more Swedish records ripped and ready for posting.

MD (Manisch Depressiv) - Gott ist tot / Würde Würde Würde sein / Aber wir wissen / Aufstehn / Was ist los mit Amerika / Zeitmaschine (1+2) / Existieren sie nicht / Es gibt sie nicht / Die Maschine / Gott ist tot EP (Soilant, 1983)
Mono - Bahnhof / Schtop / Life EP (Monokel 001, 1981)
Mother's Ruin - Godzilla / Plastic / Cannibals / Can´t Wait 12" EP (Off Course FFC 7906, 1979)
Negativ - Glitter Hair Cream / Terrorist 7" (Turicaphone, 1982)
Nilp - Gift / Wuet / Patriote / Schaffe EP (-, 1982)
Rebels - Mayday / Mental Disaster / Sweet Society EP (Musk MP 7777/8, 1979)

For sleeve scans see: Punk-Disco

The MD EP originally came in a spraypainted cardboard cover (I was lucky enough to find 2 of them in Zurich about 15 years ago). More recently, a number of copies came out in just a spraypainted plain white sleeve. The Soilant label released some other cool punk/noise/DIY records as well. Mono also released an LP in 1982 that I'll maybe post later. Mother's Ruin did some other records but none as good as this 12" I don't think. There is another EP from Nilp that I don't have but would really like to find! Negativ and Rebels had only these releases which were compiled on the Pogo Punks LP back around 1997.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Swiss Vinyl Feast #3

Since the first 2 bunches of Swiss goodies seem to be popular, let's continue on with another one.
Today we have for your enjoyment:
Chaos // The Sick - Day Doult / Get Out Of My Pocket // Never Too Late / Switzerland 12" (Off Course FFC 7904/5, 1979)
Crash Course - Wanna Be Like You / Partisans // Break Down The Walls / Television EP (-, 1982)
Crazy - Weisst du noch / Dany // Beton / Freiheit im Rechtsstaat 12" (-, 1981)
Discolokosst - Introduction / Rock ist Rock / C'est pas assez (from V/A - Palladium LP, 1981)
Glueams - Strassen / SS 7" (Punk Rules Clan 001, 1979)
Jack & The Rippers - No Desire / I Feel Like A Tram 7" (Another Swiss Label ASL 4, 1979)

For sleeve scans see: Punk-Disco

Chaos were from Austria and didn't release anything else I'm aware of. The Sick also had no other vinyl releases. There is an LP called Switzerland Off Course In 1979 (Loud, Proud & Punk Records 008, 1998) that has all the 12" tracks as well as unreleased and live recordings from both bands. Crash Course only released this one EP. Crazy also did a great LP in 1980. There is also a CD that has the 12", some LP tracks, demos and live songs that came out in 1991. The Discolokosst tracks are from the Palladium compilation LP. They also had tracks on the Collection Privée EP (France, 1983) and Geneve Soif LP (1984). An LP came out in 2007 with material from 1980. It didn't seem to get very much distribution or noticed when it came out, which is too bad. I think they are a good band that deserves to be heard by more people. Glueams had 2 others 7"s besides the one here. This is their first. Jack & The Rippers only released this 7" and 2 songs on the Swiss Wave compilation (1980) back in the day. A second 7" (Don't Pretend / Safe & Secure) was meant to be released in 1980 but that never happened. Many of their songs from that time have since been released on 2 LPs, A Wonderful Piece Of Punk Rock and I Think It's Over. The first 7" was also reissued several years ago and the second one finally appeared on vinyl as well around the same time.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

V/A - Powerpearls 1 and 2 LPs

These LPs came out during the late 1990's flood of Killed By Death, Bloodstains, Teenage Treats, etc punk and powerpop compilations. Over the space of a few years there were a total of 10 volumes of the Powerpearls series released. There were so many of these kinds of compilations that there was a book and several websites created just to keep track of them and all the songs that were compiled.

By request I'll be posting the Powerpearls series since they now seem to be getting harder to find. We'll start off with the first 2 volumes.

V/A - Powerpearls Vol. 1 LP
Really 3rd's - Everyday, Everyway (UK, 1981)
Straight Up - One Out All Out (UK, 1979)
Bureaucrats - Feel The Pain (Canada, 1980)
Tours - Language School (UK, 1979)
Gents - Modern Time (Germany, 1980)
Atlantics - One Last Night (USA, 1979)
Jimmy Edwards - Nora's Diary (UK, 1979)
Techtones - That Girl (New Zealand, 1980)
Famous Players - Who's Kissing You (UK, 1980)
Tweed - Fashion (France, 1979)
Distractions - It Doesn't Bother Me (UK, 1979)
TV 21 - Playing With Fire (UK, 1980)
News - The Kids Are Dancing (USA, 1978)
Fastbacks - It's Your Birthday (USA, 1981)
Rousers - Susan's Day (Netherlands, 1980)
Squares - No Fear (UK, 1978)
Small World - Liberty (UK, 1982)
Local Heroes - Blast The Pop! (UK, 1980)

V/A - Powerpearls Vol. 2 LP
Moderns - Got To Have Pop (Sweden, 1979)
Shivvers - Teen Line (USA, 1980)
Vertebrats - Diamonds In The Rough (USA, 1981)
Go - Don't Take Her Away (USA, 1980)
Blades - Ghost Of A Chance (Ireland, 1981)
Kollaa Kestää - Kirjoituksia kellarista (Finland, 1979)
Names - Too Cool To Dance (UK, 1980) (The 7" was only released in Germany though)
Strangeways - Show Her You Care (UK, 1978)
Jags - Dumb Blonde (UK, 1980)
Vogue - Pill Girl (Austria, 1981)
Toys - Breakdown (UK, 1980)
Protex - Just Want Your Attention (Northern Ireland, 1978)
Excel - Rock Show (UK, 1979)
Leftovers - Killing Time (Australia, 1980)
Various Artists - The Original Mixed-Up Kid (UK, 1980)
Telegrama - Chica del metro (Spain, 1982)
Ratsia - Ola hyvä nyt (Finland, 1979)
Longport Buzz - Fun (UK, 1980)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

V/A - Oasen CD (Sweden, 1979/1991)

There have been a couple of requests for this compilation. It was recorded live in 1979 and includes the well-known Ebba Grön and Grisen Skriker as well as some others that probably didn't release any records of their own. Even though I really like Ebba Grön and Grisen Skriker I don't care much for this compilation. I like the Trams tracks but that's about it.

This was first released on LP in 1979 and then reissued in 1986. It was released on CD in 1991. Since I can't find the LP (must have traded or sold it and forgot about it in my old age!), you'll have to make do with the CD. The track "I Wanna Fuck Your Dog" by Ebba Grön is on the LP but it isn't on the CD (Thanks, Martin, for the info!).

V/A - Oasen LP/CD (MNW MNWP/CD 94, 1979/1991)
Ebba Grön - Skjut en snut
Ebba Grön - Brackor
The Lerium - En ny dag
The Lerium - Nu
Boojhwa Kids - Med en duns slutar alla hoppas
Katedral - Orientella pareller
Grisen Skriker - Kärleksjakten
Grisen Skriker - Är jag så dum?
Slakthus Trotyl - Kräv en Oas
Trams - Snutar är nazister
Trams - Tiga käft
Urin - Eva
Urin, Ebba Grön - Utväg
[Ebba Grön - I Wanna Fuck Your Dog] LP only, not on CD

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Swiss Vinyl Feast #2

A double dose of Swiss cheese and chocolate for you today!
In this package we have:
Jack Rabbit Band - The Sprayer / Kathy / Revenge EP (Musk Project 7777/6, 1980)
Dieter Meier - Cry For Fame / The Hook 7" (Periphery Perfume PP00178, 1978)
Dieter Meier - Jim For Tango / Madman 7" (Periphery Perfume PP00378, 1978)
Schizoids - Randalier / Zerschtör 7" (Schzoid, 1981)
Technycolor - Bunker / Tot 77 7" (Another Swiss Label ASL 3, 1979)
Yodler Killers - La Ravachole (from V/A - Palladium LP, 1981)
Yodler Killers - Jacot Masturbette / Soussölrock 7" (Zaki ZAK 1, 1979)

For sleeve scans see: Punk-Disco

Jack Rabbit Band also released an LP and a 7" that are more pop than the EP. One of the EP tracks I think appeared on some shitty quality later KBD or Bloodstains volume. Schizoids I don't know anything about. Technycolor also released a later EP that is artwave and not punk at all. I've also included the Yodler Killers track from the Palladium compilation LP. Except for them and Discolokosst there isn't much of interest on the LP.

Swiss Vinyl Feast #1

Time to leave Sweden for a little while and feature some punk from the land of cheese and chocolate. This first package of Swiss goodies includes:
Baramine - Sans lendemain / Rock sur l'an 2000 7" (BAM 001, 1981)
Bellevue - Dein Freund / Marchin' Men / Deathwalk EP (-, 1981)
- Soldatenlied / Passport to Boredom 7" (-, 1982)
Peter Berger - My Sex Is Bad / Psychoterror 7" (Musk Project MP7777/7, 1979)
Fresh Color - No Chance / The Source 7" (Periphery Perfume PP00278, 1978)
Fresh Color - Lady Shiva / Glitter Girl 7" (Stick FC 00179, 1979)

For sleeve scans see: Punk-Disco

In 2011 a Bellevue compilation LP was released that is definitely worth picking up.
Fresh Color also released a 12" EP which is OK (not as good as the 1st 7", maybe more like the 2nd) and a bunch of pop/disco things that probably should be avoided.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Arsenik (Sweden, 1980)

Here's a cool EP from a bunch of Swedish kids all around 14 years old. The song "Bad Girl" was included on the KBD #51 LP. This was their only vinyl release but according to the Swedish Punk Encyclopedia they also recorded a couple of demos. If they are as good as the EP then I'd love to hear them!

Arsenik - Bad Girl // Swedish Boy / Vi gör som vi vill EP (Ori ORI 0707S , 1980)

Tapes (Sweden, 1977)

Here's an obscurity from Sweden from 1977. I don't have any info about it and couldn't find much about it. I got it on a tape years ago and I'm not sure if I would really call it punk but it is sort of interesting. Anyone know more about it?

Tapes - Dreamland / Is That You? 7" (GUS 999, 1977)

Dirty Rust / J.R. Band (Sweden, 1981)

Here are a couple of random 7"s from 1981 with a mix of powerpop, reggae, punk and rock.

Dirty Rust - Gnistrande Snö EP ( 4 månader / Dirty Rust a Reggae / Skvaller / I staden) (Stage & Music Production S&M 8103, 1981)
J.R. Band - Separationsångest / Rock'n roll radio / Klockan slog tre EP (Bitrax Ramp BXS 102, 1981)

V/A - Let It Out LP (Sweden, 1980)

Here's a compilation from 1980 that has some great punk and powerpop tracks. You get 2 songs each from The Moderns, Warheads, 2760, Chatterbox and The Stoodes. All of the bands also have other vinyl releases. The Moderns did an EP in 1979 and a 7" in 1980 which are both fantastic powerpop. Both of those records, along with the compilation tracks and 2 unreleased songs were released on CD by 1977 Records in Japan in 2004 but I think it is sold out now. They've just reissued both 7"s so get them before they're gone! Warheads did an EP in 1979 that is worth getting. 2760 also have a 12" EP from 1980 on Adventure Records. If you like the songs here you'll probably like the EP as well. Chatterbox released 2 7"s and LP that I know of but I think their best songs are on this comp. The Stoodes released an LP called "Metallic 'OK" in 1981 that has a couple of good songs and some lo-fi live material of so-so quality. One of the better LP tracks is on the KBD 51 compilation. There is also a Let It Out Vol. II LP from 1981 that is new wave pop/rock.

V/A - Let It Out LP (Adventure Records ADVLP100, 1980)
Side 1
The Moderns - Tell Me Where The Action Is
Warheads - Today Can't Be Worser Than Tomorrow
2760 - Vive le rock
Chatterbox - Sista chansen
The Stoodes - Psycotic
Side 2
2760 - Rocky Buys A Record
Chatterbox - Illusioner
The Moderns - She Said Go!
Warheads - I Lost My Legs In The War
The Stoodes - Gunfight

Chilly Chimes (Sweden, 1975)

I decided to post this one after the post by Punk Business Manager of the excellent Ljud från Friberga LP. There was some discussion of this record in the comments and the feeling was that it sucked. Now you can listen and decide yourself. This 7" and the 2 tracks on Ljud från Friberga are all that they released. They changed their name to Mörbyligan and released a bunch of records from 1978 through 1986.

Chilly Chimes - Join The Army / Let Me Inside 7" (AB02, 1975)