Friday, May 1, 2009

Tapes (Sweden, 1977)

Here's an obscurity from Sweden from 1977. I don't have any info about it and couldn't find much about it. I got it on a tape years ago and I'm not sure if I would really call it punk but it is sort of interesting. Anyone know more about it?

Tapes - Dreamland / Is That You? 7" (GUS 999, 1977)


Punk Business Manager said...

Ah, so this Tapes 7" is STILL a mystery. I posted it on my blog over a year ago and I know next to nothing about the band either, but I was hoping some info might have surfaced since then. Maybe one of these days, eh. Love your blog- so many great postings of Swedish obscurities that I have never heard before so thanks! Keep up the great work.

dz said...

I like this one, I got it over at PBM. Like your blog too, keep it up.