Sunday, May 3, 2009

Swiss Vinyl Feast #1

Time to leave Sweden for a little while and feature some punk from the land of cheese and chocolate. This first package of Swiss goodies includes:
Baramine - Sans lendemain / Rock sur l'an 2000 7" (BAM 001, 1981)
Bellevue - Dein Freund / Marchin' Men / Deathwalk EP (-, 1981)
- Soldatenlied / Passport to Boredom 7" (-, 1982)
Peter Berger - My Sex Is Bad / Psychoterror 7" (Musk Project MP7777/7, 1979)
Fresh Color - No Chance / The Source 7" (Periphery Perfume PP00278, 1978)
Fresh Color - Lady Shiva / Glitter Girl 7" (Stick FC 00179, 1979)

For sleeve scans see: Punk-Disco

In 2011 a Bellevue compilation LP was released that is definitely worth picking up.
Fresh Color also released a 12" EP which is OK (not as good as the 1st 7", maybe more like the 2nd) and a bunch of pop/disco things that probably should be avoided.


Dan G. said...

"Psychoterror" is priceless! Superior fun punk/whatevah.

Holly said...

Damd mediafire. If you, ever, ever choose to reup, I would be *beyond* grateful.

Meantime, thank you for all your great shares & all the effort you put in here.