Friday, May 1, 2009

V/A - Let It Out LP (Sweden, 1980)

Here's a compilation from 1980 that has some great punk and powerpop tracks. You get 2 songs each from The Moderns, Warheads, 2760, Chatterbox and The Stoodes. All of the bands also have other vinyl releases. The Moderns did an EP in 1979 and a 7" in 1980 which are both fantastic powerpop. Both of those records, along with the compilation tracks and 2 unreleased songs were released on CD by 1977 Records in Japan in 2004 but I think it is sold out now. They've just reissued both 7"s so get them before they're gone! Warheads did an EP in 1979 that is worth getting. 2760 also have a 12" EP from 1980 on Adventure Records. If you like the songs here you'll probably like the EP as well. Chatterbox released 2 7"s and LP that I know of but I think their best songs are on this comp. The Stoodes released an LP called "Metallic 'OK" in 1981 that has a couple of good songs and some lo-fi live material of so-so quality. One of the better LP tracks is on the KBD 51 compilation. There is also a Let It Out Vol. II LP from 1981 that is new wave pop/rock.

V/A - Let It Out LP (Adventure Records ADVLP100, 1980)
Side 1
The Moderns - Tell Me Where The Action Is
Warheads - Today Can't Be Worser Than Tomorrow
2760 - Vive le rock
Chatterbox - Sista chansen
The Stoodes - Psycotic
Side 2
2760 - Rocky Buys A Record
Chatterbox - Illusioner
The Moderns - She Said Go!
Warheads - I Lost My Legs In The War
The Stoodes - Gunfight

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