Friday, May 1, 2009

Chilly Chimes (Sweden, 1975)

I decided to post this one after the post by Punk Business Manager of the excellent Ljud från Friberga LP. There was some discussion of this record in the comments and the feeling was that it sucked. Now you can listen and decide yourself. This 7" and the 2 tracks on Ljud från Friberga are all that they released. They changed their name to Mörbyligan and released a bunch of records from 1978 through 1986.

Chilly Chimes - Join The Army / Let Me Inside 7" (AB02, 1975)


Punk Business Manager said...

Thanks a lot for posting this (and for mentioning my blog too!). Keep up the great postings!

Anonymous said...

Rather than getting into a musical critique, let me just place this music to a time and place where it may have just been weird and cool enough to have charted #1! By chance opportunity I lived in Arkansas (1976 -1981) and this fits handsomely in with the Southern rockers of that area and time. Those were some dynamite party years with the Harley boys from just over the border, wild chicks, and loose times. This tune would have been at the top of any hoedown playlist or a Harley swap meet in prefect form. Don’t underestimate his one as it hits the nail square on head in those circles. The raunchy lyrics are prefect and the music is right on for underground Southern swamp rock.
When I stumbled on it just recently, it landed in my favorites and then repeated for several hours because it was so haughtily familiar. For me when a tune can illuminate distant memories with same thrill its dynamite and I loved it. If anything is disappointing – it’s the fact someone sat on it and didn’t release it where it would have been a killer, wild party tune!