Friday, May 1, 2009

Dirty Rust / J.R. Band (Sweden, 1981)

Here are a couple of random 7"s from 1981 with a mix of powerpop, reggae, punk and rock.

Dirty Rust - Gnistrande Snö EP ( 4 månader / Dirty Rust a Reggae / Skvaller / I staden) (Stage & Music Production S&M 8103, 1981)
J.R. Band - Separationsångest / Rock'n roll radio / Klockan slog tre EP (Bitrax Ramp BXS 102, 1981)

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Martin said...

Hi Paul and thanks a lot for Dirty Rust. Been on the hunt for that one for a long time, but it never shows up. Too bad as it's such a smasher that I really need in my collection.