Sunday, May 3, 2009

Swiss Vinyl Feast #2

A double dose of Swiss cheese and chocolate for you today!
In this package we have:
Jack Rabbit Band - The Sprayer / Kathy / Revenge EP (Musk Project 7777/6, 1980)
Dieter Meier - Cry For Fame / The Hook 7" (Periphery Perfume PP00178, 1978)
Dieter Meier - Jim For Tango / Madman 7" (Periphery Perfume PP00378, 1978)
Schizoids - Randalier / Zerschtör 7" (Schzoid, 1981)
Technycolor - Bunker / Tot 77 7" (Another Swiss Label ASL 3, 1979)
Yodler Killers - La Ravachole (from V/A - Palladium LP, 1981)
Yodler Killers - Jacot Masturbette / Soussölrock 7" (Zaki ZAK 1, 1979)

For sleeve scans see: Punk-Disco

Jack Rabbit Band also released an LP and a 7" that are more pop than the EP. One of the EP tracks I think appeared on some shitty quality later KBD or Bloodstains volume. Schizoids I don't know anything about. Technycolor also released a later EP that is artwave and not punk at all. I've also included the Yodler Killers track from the Palladium compilation LP. Except for them and Discolokosst there isn't much of interest on the LP.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all this! Great stuff.

That Dieter Meier 45 might be the first hardcore record.

And nobody has ever done anything more punk than that Yodler Killers sleeve. It's a fact.

topper said...

thank you for the swiss punk....yeah !

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Thanks punk!