Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Swiss Vinyl Feast #3

Since the first 2 bunches of Swiss goodies seem to be popular, let's continue on with another one.
Today we have for your enjoyment:
Chaos // The Sick - Day Doult / Get Out Of My Pocket // Never Too Late / Switzerland 12" (Off Course FFC 7904/5, 1979)
Crash Course - Wanna Be Like You / Partisans // Break Down The Walls / Television EP (-, 1982)
Crazy - Weisst du noch / Dany // Beton / Freiheit im Rechtsstaat 12" (-, 1981)
Discolokosst - Introduction / Rock ist Rock / C'est pas assez (from V/A - Palladium LP, 1981)
Glueams - Strassen / SS 7" (Punk Rules Clan 001, 1979)
Jack & The Rippers - No Desire / I Feel Like A Tram 7" (Another Swiss Label ASL 4, 1979)

For sleeve scans see: Punk-Disco

Chaos were from Austria and didn't release anything else I'm aware of. The Sick also had no other vinyl releases. There is an LP called Switzerland Off Course In 1979 (Loud, Proud & Punk Records 008, 1998) that has all the 12" tracks as well as unreleased and live recordings from both bands. Crash Course only released this one EP. Crazy also did a great LP in 1980. There is also a CD that has the 12", some LP tracks, demos and live songs that came out in 1991. The Discolokosst tracks are from the Palladium compilation LP. They also had tracks on the Collection Privée EP (France, 1983) and Geneve Soif LP (1984). An LP came out in 2007 with material from 1980. It didn't seem to get very much distribution or noticed when it came out, which is too bad. I think they are a good band that deserves to be heard by more people. Glueams had 2 others 7"s besides the one here. This is their first. Jack & The Rippers only released this 7" and 2 songs on the Swiss Wave compilation (1980) back in the day. A second 7" (Don't Pretend / Safe & Secure) was meant to be released in 1980 but that never happened. Many of their songs from that time have since been released on 2 LPs, A Wonderful Piece Of Punk Rock and I Think It's Over. The first 7" was also reissued several years ago and the second one finally appeared on vinyl as well around the same time.

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Martin said...

Jack & the Rippers is so great it's stupid! The best Swiss release ever in my opinion.