Friday, November 27, 2009

V/A - KBD 50 and 51 LPs (Sweden)

This post contains all Swedish punk and no American junk!

These 2 LPs came out in 2003 (at least that's the date on the back of the covers). According to the note on the back of the sleeves: "Out now, KBD 50 and 51, two fine new volumes containing obscure punk rock from the first years of punk in Sweden. This is not meant to be some kind of "Best of Swedish punk" comp, this is just some of the rarest shit I could dig up from my record collection. I hope there will be some new stuff for everybody. By the way, none of the appearing records were pressed in a quantity larger than 500 (one exception OK)".

Many of the records on these compilations have been posted previously here or at Killed By Death Records.

V/A - Killed By Death #50 LP 
Jonström - P3 (1979)
Quizz Kidz - Tomorrow (1980)
Morgan - I Want More (1980)
High Voltage - I'm  A Fool (1978) [from V/A - Ljud Från Friberga LP]
Desperate Livin' - Gevär (1981)
Oss - Falska rykten (1980)
Tre Man Stark - Ensam (1982)
Cyklon B - Kris (1979)
Rock Set - Piteå kommun (1979)
Hangover - Sick Society (1978)
Kramp - Disciplin (1982)
Tripple Cripple - Born To Fuck (1981)
Pinheads - Säga ett (1981)
The End - Snutjävlar (1979) [says 1980 on the label]

V/A - Killed By Death #51 LP
Venerias - Monarki (1978)
DT & The Stoodes - Lev (1981)
Shit Kids - Frösö sjukhus 1984 (1979)
Zeppo & The Zepp-Zepps - Ode To Johnny Rotten (1978)
WBT - Hem från storan (1980)
Quiet Men - Mongoloid (1979)
Bizex-B - En våldtäkt i vinyl (1983)
Reklamation - (Trivs du i) Hjo? (1980)
Vanvett - Kurts Klagoord (1981) [from V/A - Åminne Punkfiesta LP]
Forssell - Punk-Plonk (1980)
Brigad 45 B - Nazismen (1980)
Bakrus - Lämrock (1980)
Arsenik - Bad Girl (1980)
ABC 80 - Pop i radion (1980)

It's a shame that the other song from the Venerias 7" was not included. With supposedly only 4 copies made, it isn't something that anyone will be finding very often. I would really like to hear the other song since it is claimed in the notes with the LP that it is better than the one we did get to hear. Has anyone other than the person who did the LP actually seen the record or heard the other song?

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Jesse Carter said...

just discovered your blog. great stuff ladies. I wish that the other The End track was included on this comp, or that I would find an original in a dollar bin. Great, just-this-side-of-HC PUNK.
Cheers and thanks for the tunes!