Friday, April 3, 2009

U.P.A (Sweden, 1982)

This time I decided to post 3 songs from U.P.A, who were from Kristinehamn. These are taken from the Picassos Barn compilation cassette (see below for a link to the complete cassette) and in my opinion are some of the best songs on it. They would have made a nice EP had they ever released a record.

There is also another band from Sweden called U.P.A and they did release a 7" in 1979. It is not punk though, just indie rock. The songs are En gata i Paris / Väntar på en vän (CFR-S-7013, 1979).

For more about punk from Kristinehamn check this page out.

You can find the full Picassos Barn cassette (as well as Vol. 2) and some others here.

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