Friday, April 10, 2009

Kessler Jugend G.m.b.H. (Sweden, 1983-85)

Here are 2 of the rarer 7"s from Sweden. Legendary and you gotta like their choices in sleeve art and label name!

Kessler Jugend G.m.b.H. - Schoot'zem (On The Spot) / Vistrohajre (For A New Germany) 7" (Golden Shower KJ-1, 1983)
Kessler Jugend G.m.b.H. - Ge fan i moppen hej / Bankrutt på squtt 7" (Golden Shower A-PATI, 1985)


Charlie M said...

No! Is that Obersturmanfuhrer Kessler from Secret Army on the cover? Yes! What a bizarre cover.
Indeed - great cover art and label name; suggests a razor sharp and intentionally tastelees sense of humour.

...and thanks to Peter of kbdrecords for directing me to this site. There looks to be a tonne of great obscure stuuf here I've never heard of.


Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for the up.

The first of these singles just went by $1302.00 on discogs last october. No record should be so expensive, especially punk records! That kills music, fills pockets of third parties, very likely capitalist pigs and the most of all, kills our beloved music. I hate record collectors!

Great music by the way.


Anonymous said...

I was int that band. I don´t understand anything of this. The first record was recorded in Radio Stockholms two-channel radiostudio. Something happend with the taperecorder in the intro so we got a delayecho by mistake there. We were very drunk that night. Me and the singer didn´t even realized we should record it. The other guys just called us and said that we had to come over, cause they just borrowed a studio.