Friday, April 3, 2009

V/A - Åminne Punkfiesta LP (Sweden, 1981)

Here is a very obscure compilation from Värnamo. One of the songs was included on the Killed By Death #51 LP (Kurts klagoord by Vanvett). The LP is damn raer, one of the more collectible Swedish punk records.

None of the bands on the LP ever released anything else that I'm aware of. UPDATE: Thanks to the comment from Martin about Akupunktur having a track on the Först Värnamo Sen Världen compilation LP. I don't have the LP but that track is on the KBD#96 compilation, part of a 4 x cassette set that was released in 2007.

V/A - Åminne Punkfiesta LP (Åminne SKLP 002, 1981)


Martin said...

As far as I can remember this is the complete LP, but I'm not 100% sure as I don't own it myself. The only band that I know appeared on another release is Akupunktur who had a song on the comp LP "Först Värnamo sen världen", but that comp is not really worth looking for as it's more or less garbage.
I worked with one of the guys from one of the bands on the Åminne comp and tried to get him to find me a copy, but he said it was so rare when it was released as well that he never even owned a copy himself! I've never seen it for sale, but if someone's got a copy I'm more than happy to buy it as well.

Jenny said...

Cool, Thanks! I´ve never heard of this LP, nor have i heard any of the bands on it... so Thanks ALOT!
Any chance of seeing the "OASEN" Comp LP (Ebba Gron, Grisen Skriker etc) here, been looking forever...!?

Anonymous said...

"None of the bands on the LP ever released anything else that I'm aware of."

Than this is an important historical document! Great post.