Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Me want Canadian records too!

There are still a few Canadian things that I'd really like to get to complete my collection.
MASTERBEATS - anything (c1980) From Kitchener, Ontario.
MR. SCIENCE - any cassette releases (Toronto, 1980's)
WARSAW - Entering Unobserved CD (Vancouver, 1980-81 recordings)

There are also a few Canadian records I'm looking for. I'm trying to restrict myself to records that are in some way GOOD. If you have something that seems unknown and worthwhile I may be interested. Here are the ones I'm most looking for:
HELLBENDERS - Ride On Blue / The Meaning Of It All 7" 
DAVID PEMBERTON - I Know What You're Doing / Winnebago 7" 
STRAIT JACKET - Simplex Detergent 7" 
TRAITOR - Mad On / The Writer 7" 

If anyone can help with any of these it would be much appreciated. Contact me at: GirlsFromTahiti at gmail dot com.

When it comes to obscure 70s and 80s Canadian records the price seems to be determined by two things: does **** have as many copies as he wants and is there one in the Museum. Once these two conditions are met prices tend to become somewhat reasonable. Consider the Trial 7" - apparently this is a $750 record in la la land. That would explain why one sold on eBay not long ago for $25. A more recent listing went unsold at the same price.

I do have a few spare Canadian records for possible trades including: Discords, Hi-Fi's, Joe College, Ladykiller EP, Ray Luxemburg, Mace (pre-Platinum Blonde), Nebraska 7" (w/ps), Phollop Willing P.A., Polaris Project LP, Strobic Axe LP, Trial (Video Warlord), Twitch (3rd 7"), Vox, Wheezing Dogz 1.EP, etc along with a bunch of dogshit I doubt anyone cares about. Like the fucking Hygiene Club.


Anonymous said...

yah well I was in the Masterbeats original member my name is Mona Morbid on basse and yes there was an awesome cassette but do you think I have a copy? No. And none of the other people in the band will give me one. Those cassettes do exist.

Mort Subite said...

I've tried finding anything from the Masterbeats without any luck. I did talk to someone who had some stuff but they threw it away before I got to them. They didn't think anyone cared.