Thursday, June 10, 2010

Polaris Project (Canada?, 1981)

I was asked about this one recently, maybe because it sold for around $100 on eBay not too long ago. It was recorded at Polaris Studios in Windsor Ontario. Maybe it was just a studio recording project. I'm assuming it was a Canadian release but it doesn't have any catalog numbers or markings typical of Canadian independent releases from around that time. The jacket was printed in the U.S.A. but in the "Special Thanks" section on the back the Windsor Police Dept. is mentioned. I know of some American bands that did record in Canada so I guess it is possible they could be from the Detroit area as well. A google search didn't turn up any definitive information.

Polaris Project - Victims Of Circumstance LP (Polaris, 1981)
(Come On / Oh Boy / Victims Of Circumstance / Back In 1985 / When Is Over // Devil In The Night / Ain't That A Shame / Watch What You Say / Into The Night / Rise And Fall)


Anonymous said...

I'm the guy who spent $100 to get it. Totally amazing to my ears.

Mort Subite said...

I like the first side. The second is less interesting at least to me.

Ray said...

I personally know one of the band members from Polaris Project. He is a very young Michael Patrick of Canada. Michael Patrick had his own band during the 1980's called The Michael Patrick Band. He had a small hit with "Welcome To My Life" in 1988 from his "Tongue N Groove" CD.
Some of the songs from the Polaris Project were re-done under The Michael Patrick Band 1988 "Tongue N Groove" CD,such as:
Victim Of Circumstances
When It's Over
Ain't That A Shame
Devil In The Night

I made a few videos for Youtube of a few of these songs. Just look for The Michael Patrick Band when searching.
I myself have a few sealed mint Polaris Project LP records that I got from Michael Patrick himself. I will be listing them on Ebay soon.

Anonymous said...

I forget to mention that this Polaris Project album came out in 1979.
Bit of trivia::
Michael Patrick also mentioned to me that he did a cover of The Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated" song on this Polaris Project album. Michael told me that he knew The Ramones at the time and gave them a copy of this album. Michael said a few weeks later,Johnny and Joey said the "I Wanna Be Sedated" cover was cool and they approved of it.....BUT dont do it again....hahaha

Mort Subite said...

The label of the record says 1981 - maybe it was recorded in 1979 and not released until 1981? I don't remember a Ramones cover on the LP - I'll need to go back and listen again??

Kathi Goodell Jackson said...

Wow, I was the keyboard player! I am so surprised to see this I loved being in that band then we created a new band with different members called Craze. I had my Hammond B3 at that time. Great memories!