Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ali Baba's Group / Cadena Perpetua (Peru, 1980s)

Here are a couple of 7"s from Peru. There are no dates on either but early - mid 80's would seem likely. Ali Baba's Group is on the Mag label which has an address in La Oroya. Both songs seem to be covers and interesting choices, from a cheesy song about Moscow to Motorhead. Cadena Perpetua consisted of four 18 - 19 year olds and the 7" comes in a nice foldout sleeve with a pocket inside for the record. Both songs are originals. The label address is in Miraflores so they were probably from the Lima area.

Ali Baba's Group - Moscu / As de espadas 7" (MAG 4200, 1980)
Cadena Perpetua - Que voy a hacer / Jackie 7" (Ambar Internacional 010, 198?)


bristolboy said...

interesting little couplet of 45's - have to admit the "ace of spades" cover was my pick of the bunch (moscow being corny but fun & "cadena perpetua" reminding me too much of early "the Cure" not a bad thing - just don't need it. Still happy to hear them - thanks!! (pop over to my new blog
I think there will be something you may like.

Chris Randolph said...

Miraflores is indeed right on the border of Lima. It's a comparatively well to do suburb, about the only place in the country at the time one could expect to find young people into modern rock who could also afford instruments and studio time.

Great blog, thanks for the music!

Gustavo Vargas said...

There are 2 different bands here. Ali Baba's group is a band specialized in covers. Cadena Perpetua here sounds as a pop rock band, but they had some songs a little bit oriented to the post punk (in the last years 1989, 1990,...). The vocalist of Cadena Perpetua was JosĂ© ArbulĂș, later in one of the most important peruvian bands: Cementerio Club.

lron said...

Yes, this cheesy song Moscu is another cover from a germany band called Dschinghis Khan from Eurovision festival!!! It was the "summer song", in Spain in 1980 too, covered by another specialist in these kind of songs called "Georgie Dann". Definitively, i prever the Ace Of Spades cover!!