Sunday, May 16, 2010

Obscure Canada - Vol. 4

Still more Canadian punk, pop and junk. Maybe you'll find some of these in your eBay "KBD" or "punk" searches. These are all taken from 7" releases except for Glamatron which is from a 12" EP.

12 Guage - I Saw You On The Telephone (Stephenville (Nfld)?, 1980) The label (Quay) address is in Stephenville but I'm not sure if the band was from there.
A Kid - Come (Toronto, 1980) From the "An Introduction To Civil Engineering" EP.
Afghanistan Banana Stand - Be My Gal (?) No idea where this is from or the year. As a wild guess I'll say around Toronto sometime in the early 80s.
Bote Peeple - Help, Help, I'm Drowning (Toronto, 1980)
Dada - If I'm Blind (Vancouver, 1982)
Deep Six - Rockin' At The Rideau (Ottawa, 1984) "The Rideau" is a shopping center in downtown Ottawa.
Falcon - Hot Thoughts (Hamilton, 1980) Also released an LP called "Walk Into The Mirror".
Finks - Can't Say No (London, 1987)
Terry Gilbert - Call Me In The Night (Victoria, 1981) The 7" was being sold cheap on eBay a year or two ago and there was also an unreleased LP available on CD.
Glamatron - Continentals (Toronto, 1981) From the "Only The Heart Beats ... Inside The Silence" 12" EP. Sounds like they may have listened to an Ultravox record or two.
Heartbeats - She Won't Talk (Halifax, 1984)
Hippies - Nuclear Disaster (London, 1982)
Johnny Jaws & The Sharks - Out Of Love (Montreal, 1978) There's also at least another 7" as well.
Klo - The Parking Lot Song (Toronto, 1980)
Phollop Willing P.A. - Orphan Baby (Halifax, 1981) The 7" has sold on eBay for something like $250. There's also a CD called "Plantin' Seeds" from 2001 that seems to be available for download around the net. I've also seen one called "Greatest Fits Vol. II" which includes the 7" tracks and other 1979 - 1999 material. These may have just been self-released cd-r's.
Rivals - I'll Just Let You Go (Vancouver, 1982)
Song Supply - Artistic Drywall (Edmonton?, 1988) From 1 of 2 7"s that I'm aware of.
Tumours - Twilight Zone (Victoria, 1981)


Anonymous said...

That Orphan Baby's some good eh?

Cheers Phil aka PWPA

Dgrador said...

Just stumbled across your blog, scrolling the tracklist to find out that my old band The Finks got comped... awesome start to my day!

Here's an interview re The Finks:


Pete Fiend

Anonymous said...

I saw you on the telephone.....great song....recorded in 1980 in stephenville, newfoundland.
The band is 12 Gauge, all band members are from St. John's, Newfoundland.