Wednesday, December 15, 2010

South Africa collection (1980 - 1984)

Back to South Africa now for a collection of 7" and miscellaneous tracks.

First up, The Aeroplanes with "Sally". This is from an old tape of various South African bands I got years ago. The date given for this one was 1984 but I'm not sure about that.

The Asylum Kids released one 7" and 2 LP's. I also have an official WEA cassette release that contains both of their LPs. The 7" (Schoolboy / It's All Upside Down) is included here. Both LPs are available on CD.

Dog Detachment released their first EP under the name Dog (Why? // In The City / Born Free) in 1980 followed by a 7" (Machines / Third World War) in 1981. A further 7" and several LPs followed starting in 1983. The first 2 7"s are included in this collection. A compilation of various tracks is available on CD.

The Gay Marines are related to Wild Youth. The track "Bitch" is all I have and the date I have for it is 1981.

No Exit is another one I know nothing about. These 2 songs are dated 1983. I was told they released a cassette but I have never seen or heard it but I would really like to!

Peach released 2 7"s  (A Lot Of Things / Flesh 'n Steel and Nightmare / Return To Sender) and an LP in 1981. I've included the 2 7"s and if you want to hear more the LP and a bonus track are available on CD.

Pop Guns released a 7" in either 1980 or 1981 I think. I don't have it. All I have is one song "Home Address: A Burning Road" from my old cassette compilation.  I would like to hear more if anyone has anything.

To finish up, a track called "Inside My Head" from The Squad. I have no info, not even the year.

If you want more from the Asylum Kids, Dog Detachment, Peach or other 1980's South African bands then go here and buy something.


GraemeSTL said...

Interesting stuff, which I've never heard before. Thanks!

bat29 said...

Pop Guns have one song on the V.A. World Class Punk tape/CD available here:

Brian said...

You really came through again! I almost fainted with joy. Today I am a king: I have it all. If you'd like the Dog Detachment LPs (a little more U2 than the singles but great), Radio Rats (kinda glam), Falling Mirror (kinda Flying Nun) or Peach (which I just got for xmas, it doesn't have the b-sides of the singles though) I can get 'em for you. Gay Marines have a couple live tracks on the Afrika Corps CS. No idea where that Pop Guns track is from, the one on World Class is b-side of their single. Man, thank you 10,000 times for the last three posts! I'm king of the world ma!

Clint Chapman said...

Gay Marines is post Wild Youth. No releases as far as I know, just demo/ rehearsal tapes.

FuseRed said...

Thanks for this - good to hear some of the stuff i've been after hearing for a while Peach & Dog Detachment

also to let you know, included it on my blog