Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ivy and The Teachers (Belgium, 1980)

I've seen 2 7"s from this band appearing on eBay over the past year or so. This is the LP (released only in Germany?) that seems to turn up less often. Tracks from both 7"s (Once Burnt, Twice Learnt / Angry Faces and My Life / No More Plans) are included on the LP. Likely the same versions but I don't have the 7"s to compare. Both the label and the record jacket list the song "Suburban Love" as track #3 on the A side, but it isn't on the record. In any case, the LP has 11 tracks of pleasant pop / powerpop with touches of ska. Ludo Mariman from The Kids helps out with vocals.

Ivy and The Teachers - s/t LP (That's All Right / Candy / Suburban Love (not on the record) / Once Burnt, Twice Learnt / The Beach / Nervous // Just Wanna Dance / My Life / Hotel Maxi / Down To Zero / Angry Faces / No More Plans) (X Records 6.24726 AP, 1980)

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bristolboy said...

Sounds like the same versions as the 45's to me!