Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rude Norton (Canada, 1980)

Classic Canadian "fuck band" with covers of the Gilligan's Island and Green Acres theme songs among others. "Tits On The Beach" appeared on the Killed By Death #7 compilation LP. I'm not sure why, other than at the time the record happened to be on the want list of the guy who did #5 and #6. Recorded in 1979, 500 copies released in 1980. It shows up on eBay somewhat regularly usually selling in the $150-200+ range. There is also a Rude Norton song on each of the Bud Luxford compilation LPs that I may post one of these years.

Rude Norton - s/t EP (Sea Cruise / Gilligan's Island / Green Acres // The Israelites / Tits On The Beach) (Rogelletti RN 45-1/RR002, 1980)


GraemeSTL said...

Many thanks for posting this - never seen the full E.P. blogged before. Gonzo punk at it's best! And yeah, I'd love to hear those comps with the Rude Norton tracks - can never get enough obscure old comp. LPs!

bristolboy said...

I'm surprised - I quite like this!!! ( I'm not sure what I was expecting but it certainly wasn't this - I guess I can't help being a sucker for a cover version)

bev davies said...

hi thanks for posting. I took the photos on the EP and did the design/layout. This is the second version, as the 1st was never put on paper. The story of the concept for 1st cover is a not my story to tell.hehehe