Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ytterbium 70 (Switzerland, 1981)

Back to Switzerland for this less well known EP from Lausanne. If you really like it, there's one currently available here for a mere 175 euro. A few copies have sold for less on eBay recently. I believe this was their only release. I wasn't sure where to split the 2 tracks on the B side so I just left them together.

Ytterbium 70 - Futur Soldat Suisse // C'était du vent / Le temps ne tombe pas en panne EP (Super Nova Y-0070, 1981)


GraemeSTL said...

Yes, this is more to my taste - many thanks for this - and a good decision not to try to split side B! Track 3 is my favourite.

Unknown said...

charming voice with nice sound, good choice. thanks