Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slander (Canada, 1981)

One of my favorite LPs from Canada is this kick-ass offering from Slander. They were from Burlington / Hamilton, Ontario and part of the same scene as Teenage Head and the Forgotten Rebels. You can read more at the Slander MySpace site. 2 of the LP songs (Jail Bait and 8 Days A Week) were released on a 7" that came without a picture sleeve. These were probably used as promos. This one has been requested several times, so here it is!

Slander - Hemi-Conscious LP (North Shore NSR-1981-001, 1981)
(Destination / Jail Bait / Good Thing / No Particular Place To Go / 8 Days A Week / I Need You / I Want Your Woman / Petticoat Junction // Rockin' On Main Street / House Of The Rising Sun / The Pigs / I'm A Believer / Upside Down / Ghetto / It's Over)


jeffen said...

Man, the fact that you keep schooling me on Canadian punk is starting to get a bit embarrassing - but thanks for the good work all the same.

GraemeSTL said...

Not sure about this one. It sounds like the more mediocre bands from '83-'84 to me, and the catchy songs are the old cover versions. A bit dull.

Anonymous said...

Cool! This rocks. Thanks for posting.

frankthetank said...

This is Frank E. Carbona, bassist from SLANDER.
I'm not an original member but my uncle Stevo is the only member and we are re-recording 1981's Hemi-Conscious. The new version of the LP will be made into a CD and will be re-titled "NO SLANDER REUNION!"
It will be a more modern sound with the classic sound of '77 punk but 10x faster and that's how we play live. The CD will be slated for release later in the fall. Keep ya posted!