Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tømrerclaus & Boline Erfurt (Denmark, 1979)

Hippie punk novelty? Interesting title for the A side but I think I almost prefer the non-punk B side. Both Tømrerclaus & Boline Erfurt released various other non-punk records. No year is listed on the record or sleeve but the internet consensus seems to be 1979.

Tømrerclaus & Boline Erfurt - Punk Them Into Shit / Neon Lights 7" (Karma KMS 1, 1979)


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

LOVE IT man if only for the poster right now but will listen to this. Good work you chicks:>}

Brian said...

Punk Them Into Shit is such a killer phrase I used to put it on all my mixtape labels! Now...finally! I hear it and I love you like sunshine, women and tea.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Arnshtadt town near Erfurt in 1979. My father was officer of Soviet Army in German Democratic Republic. Thank you for your great blog!