Thursday, September 17, 2009

Killed By Death #98 (Sweden, 2007)

Here is the third volume of the cassette-only Swedish KBD compilations. One more to go ...

V/A - Killed By Death #98
Kalle Bollträ - Discoråtta (1982) [from V/A - Rockslaget 3LP]
Effect - Nobben (1981) [from V/A - Motala Vindar LP]
Gyllene Divor - Ni har ingen tunnelbana (1981)
Nobby Tåfjutt Band - Kul att vara full (1982)
Kessler Jugend G.m.b.H. - Schoot-'zem (1983)
Anders Ångest - Just när allt är så roligt (1980)
Parkas Pop - När jag blir stor (1981)
Dirty Rust - I staden (1981)
TBC - Lillbabs (Världens tråkigaste kvinna) (1978)
Överslag - Varför får man inte va' Annorlunda (1980)
IQ 55 - Bara svårigheter (1979)
Razzia - Depression (1980)
Adolfs Gossar - Krossa Nazismen (1981) [from V/A - Svenska Tonårsgrupper Vol. 3 LP]
Rune Strutz - Musikforum brinner (1978)
Staffans Lärjungar - Tures trumpet (1979)


drpunkenstain said...

cheers...nice,very nice!But would you be so kind and let me know what have this comps commons with kbd 50&51,'cause they include also as far i know sweden bands,too!
I'm hardly awaiting last one,thanx!

Stig-Britt said...

Härligt! Ge oss den sista oxå!!

Punk Business Manager said...

Holy shit!! You rule for posting these unreleased comps- thank you, thank you, thank you! I am a fiend for old Swedish punk so these are right up my alley! These are the kind of postings these mp3 blogs are made for! Every mp3 blog out there should be required to post unreleased stuff at some point, dammit! I posted the unreleased "Hooked on Junk" comp LP on my blog a few weeks back, so right back at ya ;)

Unknown said...


Thank you, thnak you and thank you again....
I had already said many thanks during yours Teenage Treats posts but the choice of yours albums shared on your blog are really excellent.
I've a little request, so perhaps you can help me... I'm looking for the Killed by Death Vol.16 & 33 (personnally never found)

Anonymous said...

could you please upload Rockslaget's from my hometown and I miss it please!